What is this feeling? Such a sweet intoxicant

Staring so deeply into the shadowy inflection

Deeper by the candlelight, I can't find a stronger high than

The wet lips that are laced with such addicting drug

Called passion and a poison that kills so sweetly

Windswept depths suspended plumb by the nightly discourse

Decked with myrrh and frankincense and solaced by aloes

Hooked on the buzzing of earthly delights

Strung out like an addict by the smoldering eyes

Whiskey-like voice, whispering softness into my ears

Drowning away my intercessions for understanding of the nature

Feeling myself go insane for the need of you

My thumbs so greedily, rapaciously caressing the sacrosanct desire

Taking all of me, leaving nothing in return

Giving it up to the altar of the love goddess as a living sacrifice presently hourly

Trembling, shivering for the moment that darkness becomes the light

How can this be?

How can such a sweet kiss spend my soul from the very recesses I don't know?

From God's own hand, came this alluring venom

In the guise of a woman, carved from my ribs

Sculpted, finely woven like a shimmering fabric of reality and ethereality

I find that my heart stops a moment

As the swill of dangerous urges courses hotly through my blood

How can I be so strung out and so denied my passion

Like the nymphomaniac short of her release?

The fever that burns through me shines like a beacon

Pushing my soul throughout the world, feeling my flesh give way

Like a rotted bridge under the tripping and trappings

Of the world at large

What discourse must I take to understand this thing; for I cannot free myself from my addiction to you in this moment

Draw nigh and into the parlor, like a fly into the web of a spider

Excitement comes so quickly, like the rush of vodka

Daring to take every drop of me into its murky depths

Yet it eats from me, my will and my mind

Am I a slave to you already, and your flesh?

Whence came this addiction, so much that my soul pours itself out

Like a fount of life-giving water

Injected into my veins, this addiction is more powerful

Than the purest of Heroin

And the need to have my fix comes every minute

And every second of the day

Is this a lust for the intoxication, preserved only by the suspension of disbelief?

How can I not see it?

Rubbed into my skin, like a powerful hallucinogen, I'm tripping balls

Not sure what is so real anymore

All I know that I need you again and again

Addicted to you like a personified affliction

A second doesn't go by, that I don't think of the sweet delirium

I surrendered myself, my life to the addiction

My blood pours, and my soul sighs as if I were dying in the embrace

And this addiction, this desire, laps up my life with each second

Drinking deeply into her, all of who I am

Am I so lost to the entire world for one?

For all the world, the ecstasy that leads me to you

The disposition that drives my mind seven ways batty

More powerful than any high a man can produce

What is it I find in you, that I know not another way to understand

To be sure, this addiction has held me firm

And I refuse to let it go

Hanging in the still night, drained of all my essence, I am drawn deeper

Misunderstanding my addiction is not possible; I know what I want

And the next hit, the next push threatens to drive me

Threatens to take me again and again

Pushing itself further into my mind

Wedging itself deeply into sub-conscious

All that I know, that you've made me your slave, your love and lover

And I am hopeless in the matter of love

And forever addicted.