I Wonder If God Gets Lonely

Dear God,

How are You doing?
You don't get asked that often do You?
I wonder how that makes You feel.
Do You get lonely?
I mean, it must be hard up there.
We're all down here and You float in air.
Sometimes I turn to You and scream.
You're an easy target, it seems.
I love You.
I just… don't know You.
Well enough.
Do You have interests?
What do You think of The Beatles?
Do You ever have bad hair days?
When a tree falls and no one's around,
Do You play with us and mute its sound?
Why answer my questions with air?
I wonder if You ever have questions…
If You sometimes break down,
Running out of shoulders to offer,
Unable to cope with the pressure…
If You sit and think and think some more,
With questions You have no answer for.
The loneliness must sting-
You created everything,
Yet stand light years back,
Somewhere within the black.
Do You ever cry in the middle of the night?
Making connections must be so hard,
With people afraid to let loose 'round God.
I'm afraid to send this letter,
But it helps me feel so better.
I hope to hear from You.

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