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Chapter One: Casper

If I tell you I love you, can I keep you forever?

"Come on Kayde, hurry up! I think I can hear the waterfall from here!" A little boy of around six in a small tuxedo yelled out over his shoulder.

"I'm coming, I'm coming! Don't leave me behind Jamie!" Kayde replied, her gorgeous blonde ringlets bouncing lightly on her petite shoulders. Her long, white dress held delicately in her pixie-like hands.

Stopping in his tracks Jamie turned around to face a running Kayde. Putting his hands on his hips he told her, "Duh Kayds, I mean if I left you behind, then who would look after you? You need me around to protect you." At this she made a silly face as she reached up to him.

"I don't need a silly boy to protect me. I am ten times braver then you'll ever be!" The little girl told him, as if it were a fact, panting slightly, from being out of breath. Jamie just poked his tongue out at her and turned around to walk away.

Just before he could get too far away though, Kayde reached out and slipped her tiny hand into his, and said; "But thank you for caring. You can be my own personal Prince Charming."

"Of course I can be, no other boy is going to touch you," Jamie said as if it were a given and pulled her along, and they began to run again.

"Ew, I agree! Other boys are gross and dirty and sticky and mean. They pull my curls and call me names!"

"See Kayds, that's why you have me around. Because if they are mean to you then I can tell them off and push them away," Kayde smiled up at him, almost tripping over a root in the ground. "So, you'll be fine, because I'll always be there to look out for you. Look, I think we're here! Can you hear it?"

The two six year old children slowed to a walk and proceeded to walk through the trees until they made their way into an opening. As they came into the opening they were presented with a rainforest oasis. There was a waterhole in the middle, and a waterfall cascading down a pile of large rocks. All around were luscious green trees and small pebbles with a little creek leading away from the waterhole.

"Jamie, are you sure they aren't going to miss us at the wedding? I mean, I'm the flower girl, don't they still need me?" Kayde asked, turning to the blonde boy in a rather small tuxedo.

"Yeah, and I was the ring boy, but we are finished our job now. Don't worry, I promise they won't even know we're gone. We'll be back before they even realised we'd gone anywhere," he reassured her, taking her hand and leading her over to the shallow part of the creek.

"As long as you promise?"

"Kayde, I'm your Prince Charming, why would I lie to you? Okay, well they might notice, but I promise nothing bad will happen, okay?" While saying this he pulled up the bottom of his pants and walked into the shallow water.

"Okay, I trust you," Kayde gave in, following him into the clear cool water, holding up her dress in her hands to save it from getting wet.

"Wait, Jamie, if you are my Prince Charming, does that make me your Princess?"

"Of course it does silly, I thought you already knew you were my princess?" He told her, kicking up some water at her.

"Hey!" Kayde exclaimed, returning the splashed water to him, effectively wetting his left pant leg. "Well I am glad to know that I am your Princesses. Now I know you'll never abandon me, because Princesses don't get abandoned."

"No they don't, especially this Princess, because you're the best one ever, because you're mine." Jamie told her, as he splashed her with a little more water. Kayde just smiled up at him, her golden ringlets making her look as innocent and as angelic as ever. She didn't reply to him, she just stood smiling and swaying slightly.

After a little bit she spoke, "Well we should probably go back now to the wedding now, so they don't notice we've gone." Kayde then turned around and started to walk away.

"Wait Kayds, first can I ask you something?" Jamie asked her, looking a little shy and nervous as he did.

"Uhuh, sure."

"If I tell you I love you, can I keep you forever?" He asked, looking at her through his gorgeous long lashes.

"Of course you can silly! I mean who else am I going to marry when I have to have a wedding? There is no other boy that'd I'd let kiss me just so they can keep me forever?" Kayde told him, taking a step back towards him.

"Does that mean all I have to do is kiss you and tell you I love you and you'll be mine? Forever?" He added eagerly.

Kayde was just about to respond, however, they heard somebody calling there names franticly, somewhere a little whiles away.

"Yep, a kiss and your love and I'll always be yours," she said despite the calls and she took yet another step towards him.

"I love you, Kayde," Jamie told her, rather bluntly and he walked the remaining steps between them and leaned in and kissed her square on the mouth.

"Jamie! Kayde! What are you two doing, and out here?" An elderly lady asked rather surprised, breaking up the sweet little couples moment.

Jamie looked up at her sheepishly, "Well I asked Kayde if I told her I loved her, if that meant I could keep her forever."

"And so why were you kissing her? Oh Kayde honey, look at that dress, it's filthy!" The old lady proclaimed walking over and picking up Kayde, although she was six years old and perfectly capable of walking. She then took Jamie's hand and began walking back to the reception.

"Well we saw in the wedding that for me to be his forever he had to kiss me. So he said he loved me, and kissed me. Now I will always be his," the little blonde girl informed her Grandmother, as she grinned down at Jamie.

"Yep, forever and ever!" He confirmed, grinning right back up at her.