Somehow I awkwardly made it to his bedroom window where I, not so gracefully, then tumbled through it onto the hard floor. I saw him stirring in his bed and roll over, however, not waking. He let out a small sigh and I couldn't help but just sit there for a moment, smiling moronically at him.

Slowly I got on my knees and begun to crawl over to his bed. I pulled myself up, moving over towards him as I sat down on my knees next to his slumbering figure. He looked so peaceful, serene. I couldn't help myself, I had to touch him. My hand went out to reach his face and my fingers laced through his short sandy hand, running them over his head. He mumbled something incoherent that sounded remarkably like my name, causing me to smile wider.

I leant down and kissed him softly on the forehead as he moved a little. I leant down further, my hand cupping his smooth face as I kissed him gently on his lips. I rested my forehead against his own and whispered, "Nathaniel Oliver, baby, wake up, I have something to show you." He groaned and I sighed at his deep sleeping form.

Smiling cheekily I sat back up and move into the centre of his bed where I began to slowly take my top off sighing, "ah, wow, it is really hot in here, I hope you don't mind if I take off some clothes, babe." Well that seemed to work rather well, for instantly his eyes flew open and went straight to me.

I pulled my shirt back down and he groaned, sitting up groggily. Groaning again in frustration he untangled himself from his quilt and leaned over to where I was sitting and grabbed the top of my thighs, pulling me back to him so that I was sitting on him with my legs wrapped around his waist.

"Oh babe, you cannot do that and expect to get away with it," he cupped my face in both hands and pulled me towards him, kissing me gently to start with. His hands moved down over my back, his hands wrapping around my hips pulling me closely into him as one of his hands glided roughly up my back, drawing me into him as he created more passion in our kiss.

One of my hands wrapped up in his hair as I pushed my hips closer into his, heightening the heat and passion that our bodies were creating. I grabbed at his back, I could never get enough of him, sometimes I swore he had some kind of spell over me.

Pulling back, breathing heavily I smiled down at him and whispered, "Come on baby, we're going for a walk."

He looked up at me confused as one of his hands made patterns over the small of my back, creating shivers along my skin, "What, babe, it's like 3am?"

Smiling wider, I detached myself from him and got off his bed and walked over to his wardrobe, taking some clothes out and threw them at him, "It's a good thing I will have you to protect me on this walk then. Now hurry up and get dressed."

I stood, leaning against his door frame as I watched him throw on his clothes, the way that his muscles moved underneath his skin; I could barely contain myself from throwing my body back on his. He looked up at me staring at him and grinned, "like what you see babe?"

I scoffed, turning away, "shut up dork, your charm does not work on me."

"Oh, is that so, dork lover? See I beg to differ," I bit my lip, I could feel him sauntering up behind me quietly. His hands reached out to grab the tops of my arms, sliding up my neck, then back down, sliding off the jacket I was wearing, letting it fall to the ground.

His hands glided up and down the sides of my arms as he took a a step closer to me. My heart began beating faster; I could feel it against my chest, trying to jump out of my skin. He pulled my body back closer to his, causing me to stumble into him slightly. His head bent down closely to my neck and he rubbed the side of his cheek against my own. I breathed in deeply, closing my eyes as I felt his lips across my skin. He kissed slowly, gently, teasingly up and down my neck and I had to bite my lip again in order to stifle my much need sigh. I could feel my shoulders relax under his touch; unconsciously my hand reached back and grabbed his thigh tightly.

Chuckling into my neck, he breathed into my ear, "sorry babe, what was that about being immune to my charms?"

Groaning I released my grip from his leg and turned around, "well if you played by the rules, I would be."

"You know I have you whipped."

I simply rolled my eyes and took his hand in mine, lacing our fingers together, "whatever dork, anyway, let's go."

Smiling at my frustration he gripped my hand tightly and followed me down the stairs, "so where exactly are we going anyway?

"Well, that is a surprise now isn't it," I smiled back at him, letting him unlock the front door and let us out.

I took his hand again and started walking down the road. Noticing that I was shivering he released my hand and wrapped his arm around my shoulder, drawing me closely to him so that I could soak in his body heat. I place my head down on his shoulder as I could hear his heart beating against my ear, I smiled without realising.

"Elsi, why are you smiling?"

"Huh? Oh, no reason," I tried burying my head further into his chest so he could not see the uncontrollable smile that lit up my face.

Chuckling next to me, he gripped my shoulder tighter and kissed the top of my head.

After walking in silence along the dark streets for a couple of minutes his arm began to become tired and lose around my shoulder, "Are we almost there yet, baby?"

Having almost dozed off against his warm shoulder I looked up at him sleepily, blinking my eyes a couple of times, "yeah, love, almost there...piggy back please, I will direct you?" I tried to give him my innocent, sweet smile, but I have an inkling that it came out more of a exhausted looking sigh.

Smiling back down at me slightly, he muttered, "sure baby, come here." Wrapping my arms securely around his neck I lay my head on his shoulders and hugged myself close to him. "Baby, just making sure, when we get there, you are going to wake up right?"

I giggled slightly into his warm shoulder, snuggle in further into his warmth, "yeah, love, I will, but it isn't anything exciting just so you know. I just thought it would be fun."

"And we couldn't do it during the day?"

"No, because where is the fun in that? Besides there are other people around during the day. Turn right babe."

After walking a little longer and more directions I told him to stop as we came across a wide grassed area, "let me down babe."

Setting me down on the ground, he looked down at me somewhat confused, "Uhh, what are we doing, beautiful?"

I smiled up at him, lacing our fingers together and began running across the soft grass which was damp with dew. Slowing down to a jog we came to a halt in front of a playground where I then turned around to face him, taking both of his hands and smiling up at him.

"Elsi Charmaine, did you wake me up at 3am in the morning to take me to a playground?"

Smiling cheekily I began to walk backwards, holding his hands and pulling him along with him, "Maybe, Nathaniel Oliver."

He just shook his head at me and called me an idiot under his breath.

Letting go of his hands I skipped slightly over to the swing set and sat down on one of the swings.

As he was walking over to me, I looked up him whilst cocking my head to one side slightly, "will you push me?"

A small smile fluttered over his lips as he came up behind my swing and pulled it back up to him, bringing his mouth down to my ear, "Of course, baby girl."

I held on tightly to the chains as I felt him gently push against my back. As I began to swing higher he stopped pushing me and went to sit on the swing next to me.

The wind was beginning to grow colder as I moved through the cool air that was causing my hair to stand on end. Looking to my side I saw him sitting there, simply watching me as I swung. I leant my forehead against the chain and looked back at him, he was perfect. Slowly as I had stopped swinging, my chair began to slow down to a simple sway.

I leant across my swing, reaching for his warm hand to take in my own. I grasped his fingers and pulled him up off of his swing.

I tugged on his hand gently, causing him to stand up as I pulled him closer to me so that finally he was standing in front of my swing, between my legs. I wrapped my legs around behind his knees and pull him closer. His hands reached up and grasped the chains, leaning forwards over me. One of my hands rested gently on his chest, hovering over his heart as I grasped the front of his shirt, pulling him down to me. I leant up as he leant down into me, our lips meeting in the middle as we began to kiss softly.

I smiled slightly, "Sometimes I don't even know why you put up with my weird ways,"

I felt his hands reach down and gently take my face in his hands, "...because I want you. I want all of you, for ever, you and me, every day. I don't care if you take me out of bed at 3am for the rest of our lives, I simply want you."

I stared into his eyes for a moment in utter wonder and then I stretched up, reaching my arms around his neck as he picked me up, wrapping my legs around his waist, holding me closely to him. He leant down, kissing me gently still as he turned us around and he then sat down on the swing, my legs still wrapped around his waist.

His hands held my back securely as I began to undo his jacket and take it off him, placing it on the ground next to us. I felt one of his hands sitting on my lower back, creating patterns over the skin that was exposed between the top of my skirt and top. His hands slowly made their way up and under my top, grasping my back tightly, drawing me in closer.

I ran my hands threw his hair as the kiss started heating up, the swing beginning to rock back and forth slightly. Feeling a little sick on the swing, I unwrapped my legs from around his waist and got off of his lap. I pulled on the front of his shirt again, standing him on his feet and lead him back over to the slippery dip.

Seeing where I was headed he smiled down at me, amused, "because that would not be awkward or anything babe."

I smiled back cheekily, "whatever works, love."

He then advanced in on me quickly, pulling me closely to him as his hands tugged my hips closely to his. His hands raced desperately, roughly up my back and under my shirt. Picking up his jacket he threw it down on the slippery dip before lowering me back down onto it.

I pulled him back down on top of me, my hands racing up his back as I wrapped a leg around his waist. I felt his hands grasp my waist tightly, pulling me closely as both his hands roughly moved up my sides, tugging my shirt off as he did.

My hands at the back of his neck, I pulled him closer, creating more passion in the kiss. I felt him pull away and his lips race down my neck roughly, sucking and biting slightly, before kissing down my chest and over my stomach, holding my hips slightly before going back to kissing me. I slipped my arms around his back and held him closely, breaking away from his kiss to whisper in his ear, "sorry for pulling you from your warm bed, baby."

Kissing up my neck and over my shoulder again he stopped for a moment and pulled back, looking down at me whilst pushing my hair behind my ears, "yes, we could have done this in my bed, but at least you have a story now."

I smiled up at him again before pulling him back down to me, kissing him with all I had.