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It was easy for the psychopath to lug his latest catch of the night into his apartment. After all, the corridor was always deserted and the only people who lived on that floor were that divorced woman and her sixteen year old daughter next door. They never suspected anything, always thinking that he worked non-ordinary hours, which he was glad to use as an excuse.

His latest find was a young woman of about twenty; she had put up much of a fight when he cornered her in an alleyway, biting his forearm hard but she failed to escape in the end. He liked a feisty streak in his prey; it always meant that he would have more fun with them in the end. The woman was a prostitute loitering outside the bar he played the cello for on jazz nights, she had offered him her services and he had found her to be suitable prey, which obviously led to him finding a way to bring her back home without her knowing.

The psychopath was jerked out of his reverie as he heard the girl-next-door fumble with the lock of her apartment and turned to look - she had a boy in tow. She smiled a greeting to him and politely did not ask about the woman he held in is arms. The psychopath shrugged as he entered his apartment, slamming the door.

"Hey, um, you sure about this?" the boy asked the girl as he lingered outside her apartment, reluctant to take his shoes off. "I mean, would that weird guy next door tell on you to your mum or something?"

The girl shook her head violently and pulled the boy into the apartment. "He rarely talks to anyone. Besides, tonight should be safe, my mum's working the night shift so she won't be back until tomorrow afternoon..." She led the boy to her room, which was rather bare, adorned with only a cupboard, study desk, wall fan and a plain looking bed. She sat down on the mattress and motioned for the boy to sit too.

He did and there was a moment of awkward silence as the boy put his arm around the girl's shoulders. "I guess we're... Pretty much alike? I mean, our folks were both divorced since we were tots, you have your mum and me, my dad and now they're both back with the person they divorced..."

She rested her head on his shoulder. "I... Don't want to see my dad... I'm afraid that I'd hate him, I'm afraid that there'd be another divorce, oh God, I'm so afraid..." she hugged him.

"It's alright babe, it's alright..." he ran his fingers through her silky black tresses, trying to comfort her.

She looked up at him. "Will you... Do it tonight?"

He looked away, avoiding her gaze.

She frowned and bent forward, kissing his lips. His hands reached around her waist and pulled her towards him as her hands found their way to his head, getting tangled in his hair and they fell onto her bed, with her on him.

"Well?" she demanded.

He sighed.

The psychopath laid the prostitute on a leather sofa, the only piece of luxury furniture he had in the apartment he once owned with his male lover. He smiled as he looked at the various inflated plastic bags that hung from the ceiling. In each were red lumps the size of a palm, wrapped in assorted womens' panties, ranging from a black thong to a white and red striped g-string to the white cotton kind reminiscent of what primary schoolgirls would wear. The psychopath grinned as he stroked the woman's breast lazily, thinking of what remained of the other prey he had caught - their hearts and their underwear.

He lifted the black pleated skirt of the prostitute and a frown came over his face as he realized that she was not wearing any underwear. He ripped open her white blouse and found that she wore a lacy black bra and gritted his teeth. He pushed up his black square-rimmed glasses, admonishing himself for this would have to be the odd one out in his collection. He looked at the prostitute in disgust - he did not find her beautiful, she barely passed for pretty to him. He groaned; this was another woman he would have to do in disgust. Then again, it was not as if he did not do all women in disgust.

He sat on the edge of the leather sofa, legs open, by the woman's feet and looked down. He was not aroused, as usual. Slowly, he unzipped his trousers and set about doing what he always did before touching his prey - jerking off.

She was underneath him now, breathing heavily and moaning in pleasure as he bent forward and licked her nipple, teasing it. His hand massaged her other breast, inside, he was glad that she had a ample bosom and curvy hips. Her bra was pushed up above her breasts and she whimpered as he licked his way up to her collarbone and bit the skin there hard, leaving a red mark on alabaster.

"You're... Ahh... Marking me... As yours?" she asked as she moaned once more. His hand was now up her skirt, brushing against the wet spot on her panties.

He looked up at her and smiled. "Why not?"

She did not answer, for he had pushed up her skirt, revealing her white cotton panties. The material was thin and flimsy and he could see right through it. He gave her a quizzical look.

Her cheeks flushed. "Um yeah, I, um... I shaved..."

"Ahh..." he nodded as he bent down and licked the wet spot as she arched her back and her hands clutched the material of the mattress. He reached for her panties and started to pull it down slowly...

Of course, he did not jerk off until he came completely. At least, until he was hard. He pushed up the prostitute's skirt and groaned, she was fully shaven. He swore as he flipped her body around, parting her legs and fucked her. The way he would have been fucked if he was still with his male lover.

Painful memories flooded his mind as he thought of how betrayed he felt as he came home one day to find his lover having sex with a prostitute. He simply did not understand. Which part of him was not good enought for him? Or was it simply because he was male? He wondered in that repetition and felt as if his mind would burst as he took a kitchen knife and repeatedly stabbed the woman as well as his lover. Then he fell to the ground, trembling, eyes filled with tears, full of regret. His lover was dead. There was no one to love him any more. He sighed as he opened the huge freezer that he had kept and put his lover's body in. That way, he could keep his lover with him forever...

Soon, he started to rape, kill and keep the hearts of various prostitutes he met. He had to keep their hearts, because if he didn't, his lover might stray and capture their hearts. And that would not do, for his lover had to belong to the psychopath and only him.

The psychopath wondered if his lover would still want him after he was done with this girl. He smiled lazily as he brushed that thought aside - what was he thinking? His lover would want him for all eternity. He would not abandon him. He would love him forever and never let him go. With that thought in mind, the psychopath continued his thrusting into the prostitute...

It was over in a matter of seconds and the psychopath lay exhausted on top of the prostitute, wanting to revel in her warmth but at the same time, he was disgusted by her presence.

The psychopath got up quickly and left for the kitchen, wondering if he was starting to go soft on the prostitute, for he did not bind her wrists like her predecessors...

"Ahh... Umm... Faster... I..." the boy was moaning, sitting at the edge of the bed while the girl was kneeling in between his legs, giving him a blowjob. All that was left on her was her bra, the rest of her clothes were thrown around the room. The light was switched off and she liked it better that way, the only sounds were the boy's moans and the faint whirring of the wall fan. "I'm... Gonna come soon..." the boy could barely make the words out.

The girl got up and sat on the bed next to him, the boy was panting heavily.

"You ready?" she asked him.

"Ahhh... I..." he looked at the ground. It all felt too weird and maybe too good to be true to him that it was the girl initiating the sex for the frst time and after all, they were both virgins... He sighed. "Alright..."

The prostitute was awake. Slightly groggy and dazed, but no doubt awake. The psychopath swore as he took out the knife and parted her legs.

"Wait, what are you doing-" she started to protest, but was too weak to actually do anything. The drug the psychopath had used on her was strong, but apparently, the dosage did not seem to be enough...

The psychopath swore as he took out a length of manila rope from underneath the sofa and bound the prostitute's wrists tight with a clove hitch. She struggled feebly and he chuckled as he used a rusty penknife to cut the extra length of rope.

Wordlessly, the psychopath located her clit and with surgeon-like precision, he sliced it open as she screamed in pained, but of course, this was drowned out by the screams coming from next door. He wondered if she was looking on in fear, immobilized to do anything as he used the knife to stab right into her pussy, relishing the power he had over her. SHe screamed in pain again, this time it was more anguished and melodious one to the psychopath's ears. The blood that flowed out excited him, this one was in for more, for she showed how imperfect he was for she woke up before he could kill her. The psychopath took the rest of the manila rope and tied her body up, just above her breasts and just below, making it seem as if it was squeezed out to their full size. He grinned as he carved out her breasts and filled her bra with them, tying the bra together as he put it in yet another inflated plastic bag. The blood on his hands delighted him as he carved out the prostitute's heart, still warm for the chill of death had not taken over her. Yet.

He placed the heart with the prostitute's breasts and a look of pure bliss came over his face.

"How... Was it?" the boy asked the girl, panting heavily above her. "I'm sorry we didn't use a condom..." he winced.

"It's ok..." she shrugged. "I doubt anything can happen on the first time anyway... But still..."

"Yeah?" he asked as he started to withdraw from her.

"Care for another round?" she grinned.

The sound of the apartment's doors could not be heard by the couple for they were too deep in the throes of pleasure to notice anything.

"Honey?" the girl's mother called out as she knocked on the girl's bedroom door, entering and switching on the light. "Guess who I brought home? Your father!"

Shocked, the couple looked up. Fear from getting discovered soon turned into shock and horror.

"Mum?" the girl asked.

"Dad?" the boy said, mouth dry, unable to believe what he just saw.

The psychopath had just finished his preparations, thawing his lover's body, pumping his dick with water and sealing the base. He smiled as he thought of what he was about to do and removed his glasses, for that was what he always did with his lover, to symbolize hiding nothing from each other.

"I love you," the psychopath whispered as he impaled himself on his dead lover's cock.

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