To Lose is to Gain - Twenty- Epilog

The light breeze blew my hair around my face as Ethan and I walked hand in hand towards my parents graves. It was a calming wind, something I needed at the moment. I carried a dozen white roses in the hand that wasn't holding Ethan's. They were my mom's favorite. When we reached them I let go of Ethan's hand to set them in front of my mom's head stone. I sat down cross legged in the middle of both of my parents graves and patted the spot next to me. Ethan sat with me, taking my hand again.

It had been three years since the death of my parents. It was the first time I had visited with Ethan. I made regular trips to come visit my friends and my parents, but this was the first time Ethan agreed to come with me. And that was only because I begged. He didn't like to intrude on my time with my friends, which was absurd because they all loved him. But he was just considerate like that. We had moved in together after we graduated high school, and it's been absolutely amazing. I loved everything about it. The quality time, the love making, the bantering, the full blown arguments, the make up sex afterwards, splitting the bills, everything.

"Hey mom, hey dad. I brought Ethan here, I know I've told you all about him," I said quietly. I was glad that Ethan didn't think I was insane talking to dead people. "We have some pretty exciting news," I said, smiling up at Ethan. I didn't really expect him to say anything, so I was surprised when he did.

"I asked your daughter to marry me," he said with a small smile. "She swears that you guys would love me, so I figure it's okay. If I were able to, I would have asked you first," he explained. I felt tears in my eyes. He was just so amazingly perfect. Who really comes with their girlfriend- no, fiancé and actually talks to their deceased parents without having known them? "You raised a great girl," he added. I smiled and kissed his cheek.

"Grandma's friend, and Ethan's uncle, he offered to walk me down the aisle. But I'm going to have Alex do it. I know he's not exactly a 'fatherly' figure, but I just feel like he should," I told them. "You know, I wish I would have been introduced to my grandma earlier on in life Dad. I don't know what went on between you and maybe I never will, but I still wish I could have met her earlier. She's a good woman, if not a little crazy."

"A lot crazy," Ethan whispered and I elbowed him. "No really, she's great. She took good care of Rae, she's in good hands," I smiled at him assuring dead people. It was cute.

"I'm in my second year of college now. You guys would be so proud. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do. I'm just getting the basics down right now. Ethan and I are going to travel for awhile before we settle down. He's saved up since he was a kid and I have the inheritance, so we don't really need steady jobs for a couple years yet. Though we both work at this nice little café down town. Ethan's a great cook, he's teaching me. I'm surprised he hasn't lost his patience yet, I sure have. He does all the meals at the café while I'm a waitress. It's fun and since I'm super cute - in Ethan's words, not mine- I get really good tips. I had to come out of my little shell though. That was nerve-wracking. But we're doing really well," I said. It was silent for awhile. Ethan and I just sat hand in hand, looking at the graves.

"I really wish I could have met them Rae. They must have been great people," Ethan said, looking at me. I smiled up at him and kissed him softly.

"They really were. I wouldn't be the person I am today without them. Well, and their deaths, moving, getting involved with the wrong people, finding the right people, and finding myself along the way," I said quickly. He laughed lightly. "But really, it comes back to them. They gave me a good foundation."

"So I guess it was good that you went through everything you did?" He asked. I nodded slowly.

"We all have to go through things that we don't like E. In the end it made me a stronger person, just like your past made you stronger. I think we'd both still be spoiled selfish kids if we didn't lose almost everything we had and made mistakes along the way, you know?" I asked, he nodded.

"Everything was worth it in the end. I mean, it brought us together, didn't it?" He asked, wrapping his arms around me. I smiled.

"That it did."

Hooray done. Sappy ending. Oh well, I figured the story deserved it. There were so many different ways I wanted to end it, but I decided on this one. I'm officially done. It's been a long time it feels like. So now I'm just working on Sweet is Revenge, but I'll probably start another one soon. Who knows with the (pending) job situation. Anyway if you want, review. I'll love you for it.