"Hey babe, you alright?"

"Huh? What?" I looked up at Ryan's mesmerizing blue eyes.

"Well you've been silent and been playing with your food for a while. I'm glad to know that pasta amuses you more than I do." He smiled lightly.

I grinned back and said, "Sorry, I'm just stressed from work. You're so lucky that Hannah loves you. She's been working me to death!"

Ryan boisterous laughed echoed throughout restaurant we're currently and captured some of the people's attention near us.

Being the conservative person I am, I tried hushing him.

"Don't be too loud idiot; I don't want us to get kicked out ending our date early." My anxiety seems to have calmed him down but there was still a grin on his face.

"You're so silly", he continued, "Besides, apparently there's this new hotshot client that wants Hannah to design his clothes for a new movie."

Things suddenly clicked, "Ohhh, that explains her bossy attitude these past few days; I thought for sure she doesn't like me."

I started munching, actually more like ravaging my food. All those worries about her not liking me didn't matter anymore and I started feeling better.

I can feel him staring at me and chuckled, "You're amazing. Besides, you shouldn't worry too much, who wouldn't like you?"

This is why I adore him so much. He's so amazing and kind and never lets me forget it. Darien would've never said those things. Wait, did I just say Darien?

I frowned at the thought of him. Ever since I saw that one episode of his reality show, I couldn't erase it from my head.

In fact, I shouldn't be thinking of him right now especially when I'm with my boyfriend. My boyfriend for god's sake!

"Hello? Is anyone there?"

Waking up from my thoughts, I smiled a cheeky one. Gosh, I need to be less distracted.

"Anyways, we need to get back to work. So finish up and I'll pay for the check." He kindly offered.

"Ryan," I whined, "You paid last time, I can't let you pay again."

My attempt of making a pouty face and making him give in to my grey eyes didn't work.

"As much as how cute you look, I was the one that planned the date so I pay and that's it." He tried explaining to me in all seriousness but I can see him holding back a smile.

I made another pouty face but gave up and went back to finishing my chicken fettuccini alfredo. Hmm, my favorite.

After the lunch date, I drove us back to Bitter yet Sweet, the designer company we both work in.

As soon as we entered the doors, people were making a commotion everywhere.

"Arielle?! Where the hell were you? I need you to make an errand for me and measure our new client!" My boss, Hannah Gabriel, demanded as soon as she saw me and Ryan come in.

I gave Ryan a quick goodbye peck on the lips and we went on our separate ways.

"We need to make this perfect. This person can make or break this company so we can't mess this up." Hannah talks to herself while I followed behind her.

As we ventured our way to the fitting room, she would point out a few things to those we would pass by and correct their mistakes. Judging my fellow workers' face, I can tell they're pretty much scared of her and don't want to piss her off.

Who could blame them? She's the devil whenever we have to come up with something new. It's not a surprise that Bitter Yet Sweet was mentioned in the top 10 most successful designer companies. That's probably why the new client chose our company.

We finally reached the entrance of the fitting room. Hannah turned around and looked at me up and down.

"Before you go in with the client, I suggest you clean yourself up. We don't want him to think that this company accepts this kind of atrociousness." She said to me and entered the fitting room, leaving me with shock.

It's a good thing that she left before she saw my gaping expression or else she would've commented something worse about me.

Stomping on my way to the right for the bathroom, I muttered things about Hannah that would make her fire me if she ever hears it.

I thought I looked satisfactory since I dressed up and all for the date with Ryan.

Staring at myself in the mirror, I examined myself in my black halter top dress that ends up just above my knees. I admit I have some curves and I'm proud to say that I have lost a few pounds from running 3 times a week with Ryan in the morning.

Although I'm pleased of my long wavy auburn hair, Hannah seems to think that leaving my hair like that is unacceptable and demands that I put it in a bun everyday for work.

I noticed the hideous pale scar on my right shoulder standing out from my olive skin from an accident a couple of years ago.

After that, I put on some makeup and lip gloss to look presentable and tightened my red heels so I don't trip in front of my costumer.

Standing in front of the fitting room, I inhaled deeply to calm myself and finally entered.

The client's back was on me although his dark brown hair looked really familiar.

Hannah saw me come in and signaled urgently for me to start measuring.

I coughed politely and as I saw him turning slowly, I wished I hadn't done that.

His deep blue eyes widened in recognition, "Arielle?"