Ti Ne Odna


Connor McGinnis

Hello, good day, and I wish you happiness and health! I hope that you are well. If not, than you have my most sincere apologies. May I introduce myself? My name is Ezekiel Rykov. I am from Russia where I used to live with my parents in St. Petersburg. I may not know who you are, or if you have found my letter, but if you read these words of mine, I love you. Do not worry, I do not stalk you, I do not know who you are remember? Forgive me for my peculiar way of writing 'remember', I couldn't help but laugh as I wrote it. Laughing and writing, as I'm sure you are aware, don't mix very well. Today is a happy day should you be reading this. It means the war is over eh? Life is still thriving despite the apocalypse? The fallout must have passed more quickly than I had thought. It's most unfortunate that I did not leave a return address; otherwise I will just have to continue to wait until the time is right. I try to keep positive, yes, about there being survivors, and if you're reading this than my wishes, dreams, and prayers have come true!

May I tell you more about myself? Forgive me, but I have lost count of the days and I haven't anyone to talk to. I don't wish to take more time out of your day of surviving the war than anyone else. When I was a boy, my parents warned me of an approaching war with the United States with nuclear weapons. I waited, and they waited, and we waited in my father's bunker. One night, when I believe I was fifteen or so, my father left to get something from the house. He had done this countless times, and beside the little nervousness I felt when anyone left our bunker, I thought nothing of it. But Father never came back. I worry that my Mother feared the worst, as I did, and she left me as well to find him. I waited for hours, I waited for the door to open, to see my parents walk in with smiles on their faces, and assure me everything was okay. But with every passing second, I became more and more certain that the war was upon us.

I have rarely left my protective suit, gas mask, and helmet out of fear of nuclear fallout seeping into my home. Thankfully I have had enough supplies to last me for a very long time. I have been keeping a record of my growth, and I stopped growing quite some time ago. Sorry if this seems vague to you my friend, as I was trying to keep track of the number of days passing me by, but I stopped counting after 652. It just proves to be too depressing to me. Oh! As I realize that I running out of space on this paper, I would like to sincerely thank you for your time and patience. May the Lord look over you as He has over me in this new world of ours. Goodbye. I hope to meet you someday my friend.

Your forever faithfully,

Ezekiel Rykov

Vassili read the letter over and over again, his dark eyes narrowed as he held it in one hand, and the waterproof container in another. Was someone playing some sick joke? Well, he thought, whoever this 'Rykov' was he had just made his day a lot harder. The container from which the letter was sealed in had clogged something at the water treatment plant he worked at. Whoever sent this letter, he thought, they were almost counting on it being found. Probably just a publicity stunt for some upcoming movie in 2009 he thought.

"Hey Vassili, what was clogging it?" A coworker hollered. Vassili read a few lines once again before tossing the letter and its container into a nearby trashcan.

"Just some weirdo flushing too much stuff down the toilet again."

A/N: Just in case you're curious as to what Ti Ne Odna means, it's Russian for 'You Are Not Alone'. Thanks for reading!