I remember the first time I saw you. It marked many of the firsts that were coming. You strode through the double doors in the middle of the morning assembly, acting like you owned the place.

I was giving a speech on animal cruelty, and there you were, with a black leather jacket on your back. Your brown hair stuck out from your head, actual bed head, nothing styled. I couldn't see your eyes from the stage, but I knew they had to be brilliant.

I later found out that they were green; my favourite colour.

In the middle of explaining the benefits of faux fur, you made me stutter and halt with your entrance. There wasn't really anything remarkable about you. Your nose was far too long and you had strange hair.

But, for some reason, I found myself drawn to you.

The rest of the student body had turned towards you as your brown sneakers made loud noises on the wooden floor of the hall. A few scoffed at your odd manner of dressing, with your yellow shirt and green slacks. Coupled with your jacket, you were a sight.

Although you interrupted the speech I had practiced in front of the mirror for two weeks, I wanted to hit them.

How dare they judge you by the way you dress?

I couldn't really explain the defensive feeling that went through me as your stride faltered, and you meekly took a seat at the back of the hall.

All I knew was that I wanted to see you again. I wanted to look at your messy hair and your funny nose. Heck, I wanted to see your leather jacket up close.

After I completed my speech, without as much enthusiasm I had when I first started it, I headed for a seat at the back of the hall.

Yeah, I ignored my friends, Emma and Samantha, who were gesturing wildly to me. I know I shouldn't have done that, something I regretted later during lunch period when they forced an explanation out of me. Of course, I lied.

You were my secret.

And, I had to get a closer look at you.

To my horror, you had fallen asleep. During my speech!

The nerve of it all!

But, yet, how could I despise you for it? Up close, you were much more interesting looking. Your mouth was hanging open, revealing a set of straight white teeth. A trickle of drool adorned the side of your mouth.

It was adorable. You were adorable.

Unconsciously, I smiled. It might have seemed odd; me, Elena Adams, the girl everyone knew due to my active participation in animal welfare, staring at you, the boy with the leather jacket, with adoration on my face when you had obviously ignored my whole speech. You even interrupted it!

But, the longer I looked at you, the more I realized.

I needed to know you.

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