The next day, I went to school early with an extra spring in my step. I can't remember what I wore on that day, but I sure remember your clothes.

In the morning, you were standing by the large tree in front of the school, talking in hushed voices with Frankie Deed.

For some reason, you were dressed remarkably well. Your hair looked brushed, for once, sleeked to the back in maddeningly gorgeous way. For the first time since I saw you, your clothes seemed… normal.

I would be lying to say I wasn't disappointed. Your little fashion mishaps usually brought a smile to my face. Then again, your existence in itself was enough to make me smile.

You had on a pair of dark denim jeans and a fitted grey shirt. They made you look… really good. For once, the leather jacket was missing. But, I couldn't complain.

The shirt accentuated your broad shoulders and lean, yet muscular arms. You have to forgive me for being rather bitter about it though because I was definitely not the only one who noticed.

I even caught Helena Menders looking at you! And you, out of all people, should know how vile she is.

But, I didn't take too much time to dwell on that. Resisting all urges to drag you away from Frankie, I rushed to the Art Room where I found Emma and Samantha both working on their individual projects.

They greeted me and I quickly told them about your invitation for me to attend Stephanie Bennet's party.

I was met with silence for a few moments. Then, Samantha squealed.

"Elena's got a date!" she announced to the almost empty room, her voice ricocheting off the walls. You see, for the past two years, Samantha had been trying to get me to go on proper dates.

Previously, I had gone on those movie dates with different boys, but those were only as friends, and were never good enough to satisfy dear Sammy.

She started rattling on and on about what I should wear, even presenting clothing options from her own closet. Pretty soon, Emma joined in, and by the time the school bell rang, signifying first period, I had enough date approved wardrobe choices to last a month.

When English class rolled by, I rushed to class early, so eager to see you. You once asked me why I liked English so much. Well, now you know. It was all because of you.

I sat in my seat like a little girl on the first day of school, nervous and practically giddy with excitement. The class was empty save for a girl at the back, with vividly beautiful chestnut coloured hair.

We both found out later during the day that her name was Amy and she was a transfer student from California.

At that time, however, I didn't think to pay her much heed. After all, it was you I was waiting for. Minutes flew by and the class slowly filled up, but you, Christopher Chase, remained elusive.

Just as the bell rung it's final ding, you entered the class, panting and out of breath, your sleeked back hair looking a little less groomed, and more disheveled. Surprisingly, what took my breath away was that your leather jacket had retained its usual position on your back.

It pained me, that leather jacket did. On one hand, I was dying to scream bloody murder at you for engaging in such cruelty towards a poor defenseless cow with your leather jacket, which was practically a walking poster for "COW MURDERER SUPPORTER", but on the other hand, it made you look so damn good.

You walked past my table to your seat at the back without sparing me a single glance. It was heart breaking, that moment was. And then, I saw the crumpled piece of notepad paper you left on my table.

"Could you meet me by the bleachers after school? Twirl your hair and that's a yes. Scratch your head and that's a no.

- Chris"

From then on, that note became one of my most prized possessions.

Twirling my hair, I smiled when sneaking a look to the back of the class, I saw you grinning.

The day couldn't fly by quickly enough, and by the time the last bell rang, my nerves were so frazzled I was certain it had an adverse reaction to my hair.

I practically skipped all the way to the bleachers, realizing a little too late, that I was being too eager. If Emma's latest Seventeen magazine was a judge, I was failing badly.

I abruptly stopped in front of the door leading towards the fields, deciding to wait a little. "Let the man sweat a bit," according to the magazine. I was feeling rather jumpy, so worried that you would leave when you saw that I wasn't there.

Needless to say, I screamed when someone tapped me on the shoulder. Immediately, I was greeted by a bark-like laugh that I would grow to love.

Your laughter was so infectious, that despite it all, I started to laugh as well. Just when I was getting into it, the laughter building up in my belly, you stopped.

And you looked at me.

That, I believe, was our first moment.

You probably never realized the significance, but I swear my whole body felt as though it was fizzled by electricity.

Your green eyes, a shade I couldn't place, bore down onto my own, and then, it was silent. We weren't laughing anymore.

My breaths were coming out in short spurts, as though I had just run a marathon. Under the dim light of the pathway to the field, my gaze travelled from your green eyes, to your long nose, and finally, to your lips.

And then, it was over. I don't remember how it happened, but just as suddenly as it had started, our moment had ended.

With a sudden smile on your face, you swung open the door to the field, gesturing for me to enter first. What a gentlemen, I thought.

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