Chapter Thirty Seven

When Jordan got there, he went up to the door and knocked. After about five knocks, he heard footsteps on the stairwell and then down in the hallway. When the door opened, he was met with a frowning, Victoria Richards, "Jordan Andre Williams, you better have a good explaination as to why in the hell are you on my doorstep at five o'clock in the morning."

"Where's Denise," He whispered.

"In her room asleep."

"I need to see her."

Victoria stared at him through sleep deprived lids. "I should leave you there, to rot in the snow."

Jordan stood there as she turned away from the door. "What are you standing there for come in and close the damn door, You know where here room is."

Immediately, Jordan went in and closed the door. Quickly he removed his boots and took the stairs two at a time. Vicki had already gone back to her room. Opening the door to the right of the stairwell, he was greeted with the sound of loud gagging. Closing the door, he whispered Denise's name.

Denise tried to will herself from vommitting but couldn't make it happen. She stuck her face into the bowl and continued on, even as Jordan came around the corner and into the bathroom. Nealing down to where she was, he ran a tender hand over her hair. This agitated her. She pushed him away from her. Jordan looked at her for a minute and then relunctantly went back into the bedroom. Five minutes later, after gargling, he watched her enter the room. When she did, he whispered, "Are you alright?"

Denise nodded, "Nothing a little saltines won't cure."

"Crackers?" Jordan inquired.

Denise nodded, her gaze locked on his, "It helps with the nausea."

Jordan wrinkled his brow in confusion.

"There are some crackers over on the dresser. I thought they'd be close enough to reach, but I didn't think I'd be that sick since this isn't my first time being pregnant."

Jordan turned around from where he'd grabbed the crackers and looked at her. "You're pregnant?"

She nodded, her gaze intent on his, "Yes, I am."

Jordan came to the bed and sat down. Handing her the crackers, he said, "Um, I will help you take care of it."

Denise smiled, "You will?"

"Of course, I mean even if it isn't mine, I'd still do it, it would be what I deserved."

Denise narrowed her brows, "What?"

"If it was someone else's I'd help you take care of it."

Denise went over to where he sat. Her hands played with the strings on her robe. Licking her lips, she whispered, "Jordan, baby, we've only been broken up for three and a half months. How can I get pregnant by someone else in that short of time?"

"Strange things do happen, Denise." Immediately his gaze went down to the belt she was playing with. He felt himself hardened and thought this was a very inappropriate time for that to happen. Just as he was about to close his legs, she pushed her leg right in between his and on contact, he seemed to harden even more. Glancing up into her face, he whispered, "It kind of have a mind of it's own." Denise laughed, "At least I know he likes me."

Jordan's stomach flipped flopped and he stared into her eyes as he stated boldly, "No, he loves you." Those words were enough to make her nipples harden as they had earlier and a tingling began in her vagina. Exhaling, she took a hand and pressed it up against his face. He closed his eyes and covering her hand with his he brought it to his mouth and kissed it. Each finger was pulled into his mouth. Denise felt an unwavered desire rip through her with each finger he sucked on. By the time he finished, she was throbbing. She gasped his name, trembling, He stared into her eyes as he released the last finger. Grabbing her robe, he pulled on the strings and watched in anticipation as they came undone, pulling the robe open exposing her body. He reached up and touched her breasts. Each one seemed heavier than usual. Ironically this turned him on even more. He slid his hands over her shoulders to drop the robe to the floor. When it did, he undid the bra and watched as it released her chest. Immediately a nipple puckered. He inhaled sharply. He pulled her to his lap. Denise sat down on him, feeling his hardness through her panties, which made her even wetter than she already was. Licking her lips, she whispered, "Jordan, baby, I want you so bad." He smiled at her, "So I see." He leaned in and kissed her mouth. She stopped him and whispered, "Wait baby." He stopped and whispered, " What?" She moved herself from him and stood up. Quietly his eyes followed down her legs to where the underwear were. He pulled his jacket off and then his sweat shirt off and then the t-shirt underneath. Denise stared, a fresh sprang of tears coming to her eyes. Jordan stood up, "What's wrong?"

Denise walked up to him and grabbed his pants, "I have dreamed about those abs."

He ran a hand over her hair, "Really?"

She whispered, "Yes, you have absolutely know idea how much I love you Jordan Williams." His pants were pulled down his thighs and calves to the floor. He stepped out of them. Denise pushed her body up to his, loving the feel of his manhood against her bare skin. He whispered, "I'm so sorry, Denise. I was stupid. I can't explain to you why I did that baby. I know you love me and I know I love you and I've never let anyone convince me you weren't mine, until me."

"It's forgiven Jordan." She gazed up at him, pure love and adoration her eyes, "I'm just glad you came back."

He leaned down and took her mouth in his. Instantly she melted against him. He brought her tightly to him. He ran his hands along her body and over her bottom. Immediately, her body jumped up to his and she wrapped her legs around his hips. Jordan pushed his tongue into her mouth and fondled her with the other. His hand went in between her legs to her vagina and he slid it over the lips. Immediately a wetness insued there. This caused her to shutter. Denise moaned as his tongue licked the inside of her mouth. She pressed her hips up against him. He walked backward toward the bed. Sitting down on there, he felt her juices flow out of her and onto his finger finally after feeling her clench her muscles against him, he pulled it out and continued licking her mouth with his tongue. Denise moaned as an intense wave of pleasure rocked her body. When he finally pulled his lips from her mouth, her lips were tingling and pulsating. Grasping his penis in her hand, she squeezed it. Jordan gasped her name. He felt so hard, he thought surely he would cum. She pushed him back onto the bed. With his penis sticking up at her, greeting her entrance, Denise held onto his chest as he grabbed her waist. Slowly she guided him inside of her. The feeling of her skin stretching for him drove him nuts. Immediately when he was all the way in, Denise leaned down and kissed him deeply on the lips. He had never felt her this wet before. He felt his own skin tingle as she moved up and down. He moaned as she slid her body over his. He grabbed her hips and held onto her tightly. Denise gasped. She felt a drive within her unlike ever before as she moved down onto him. It felt so good she had to ground her hips into him. When she did, he whispered her name. She did it again. He groaned out her name. She loved the feel of her skin touching his this way. It made her want to go deeper. She thrusted harder, wanting to feel all of him in her. He squeezed her hips and then began moving them himself. He listened in ecstacy as her vagina got wetter from his thrusts of her hips. It seemed like even though he was all the way in, he still couldn't go far enough. Denise felt a rush like never before. Grabbing his hands, she pulled them out from around her hips and held them down on the bed, each one on the left and right side of his head. Her hands were locked in his as she smacked her hips against his. His eyes flew open. When they did, hers seized his and she stared him in the eyes as she moved herself into him fast, making love to him, over and over and over until he started yelling her name. When he did, Denise moved her hips even faster. He said her name over and over until he felt her lips clasp around his penis and then he came. When he came there was a great amount that rushed into her. The hot liquid seemed to turn her own even more. He couldn't seem to stop the second orgasm that came right after, this one he didn't even know was there. She gasped his name and whispered,"Mmmn, Mmmn, oh, baby, yes. He gasped sat up grasping her tightly, he kissed her belly and whispered, "Oh, Denise, Baby, damn, girl, I think you almost killed me there." Denise laughed, "So I did good." He looked up at her, "You did awesome. That was amazing" Denise leaned into him and kissed his mouth. In a soft voice, she whispered, "Mine." He whispered, "Yes." She kissed him again, and whispered, "Mine."

Jordan's heart beat spead up and he ran his tongue over her lips. "Mine." He stated. She leaned over and whispered in his ear, "All of you is mine." This left him breathless and speechless. She ran her tongue over the outside of his ear, and whispered, "Jordan." He shuddered and whispered back, "Yes, baby."

"She whispered, "All of you belong to me. You are mine." He nodded his head, still speechless. Grabbing her face, he pulled her mouth down to his. He kissed and teased her lips until they felt as if they were about to fall off.

One year later:

"Jordan Andre Williams, do you take Denise Renee Calloway to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, for richer or poorer, in health and in sickness, until death do you part?" Jordan stared at Denise with a shimmer in his eyes that wasn't there before. He stared at her in awe, because in her wedding gown, she looked gorgeous. It was white with yellow lace trim covering the bottom and the veil was made with yellow trim with pink rose buds formind a crown on top her head. She wore her hair in spiraled curls down her back. Her lipstick was the perfect shade of plum for her beautiful chocolate skin tone. He grasped her hand in a soft squeeze, "I do." He proclaimed boldly.

"And do you, Denise Renee Calloway take Jordan Andre Williams to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold for richer or poorer and in health and in sickness, until death do you part.?"

Denise stared at him with an equaly matched amount of love in her eyes for him, "I do." She stated. The pastor nodded his head to give Jordan the go to put her ring on, with slightly shaky fingers, he placed the ruby wedding band on her hand. Although his mother had given it to him in high school, he had had her new name, Denise Williams enscribed on it the minute he'd set foot in Chicago two and a half summers ago. Denise put his gold band on his hand. The ring he had was a 14 karot gold band with his name enscribed on it. Covering her hand with his, they listened as the preacher stated, "I now pronounce you man and wife. Son, you may kiss your bride." Jordan's grin was from ear to ear as she met him halfway and he grasped her around the waist and dipped his head down. Her hand reached up and cupped his neck. Once the kiss was broken, Denise released his head and turned toward the front of the church. With his hand still on her waist, he grasped her free hand in his. She squeezed it as they both looked out at the church. The pastor said, "Before these witnesses today, I proudly present Jordan and Denise Williams."

Denise smiled as everyone clapped. She looked out into the crowd, recognizing very familiar faces. She was shocked to see that even her sworn enemies had flown into to town to attend the wedding. Sherry Cooper now known as Sherry Walker, who had long since changed her red hair to an ash blonde and was now saddled up next to a handsome young Pediatrician, Arron Walker. Denise had heard that they'd been married since Sherry second year of college. They had two red headed green Eyed twins next to them. Both boys were one years old. There was Pamela Rivers who'd gone on to own her own gown shop, which was where Denise had gotten her gown. She'd fallen in love with the specially hand made gown. She had never expected Pamela to be good at sewing, let alone grow up to own her own dress shop. Candice and Vicki both sat in the front row, each with their own date. Who'd ever thought they'd both end up dating brothers, Maximus and Cornelius Harris. Both boys played basket ball for the local community college. One was going for counseling and the other computer engineering. Denise waved at all of them. She even spotted Tanya and Andrew, with their two children, Anastasia and Andrew Jr. Anastasia was the oldest at five years old, while the second child was three. Jordan had just found out that Tanya was pregnant with a girl and they were going to name her Denise Andrea. There was Quinton there with his family and his new boyfriend a guy named Luke. Even Nathaniel and his sister Sebrea were there. Although he and Amerie were broken up, you could see the feelings between them were still there. Everytime they looked at eachother, it was a sight to behold. Although Denise had no idea why, she could tell that what ever it was, it was enough to cause a deep wedge between them. His whole family had shown up and sat on the opposite side of the church. Her family sat on the other side, the baby had ended up in Garrette's lap. She'd turned out to be a girl and they deided to name her Vanessa Patricia Anita Williams. She was a beautiful girl with eyes as green as Jordan's and hair a dark curly do and full lips like Denise's. As Jordan and she came through the church and to the reception area, Jordan leaned into her ear and whispered, "I love you Denise Williams." Denise's heart pounded at the way he said her name. She wondered if she'd ever get over that, but judging by the fact that everytime he looked at her, her heart skipped a beat, she seriously doubted that would happen. "I love you too Jordan Williams." As they sat down at their table at the front of reception area, Jordan whispered close to her, "Have I told you how beautiful you look today?"

"Only a million times."

"I guess this makes a million and one then."

"Denise laughed, "And you look quite edible in your tux."

Jordan laughed, "Edible, that's the best you got?"

"I could say fetching."

Jordan shook his head, "Edible is fine."

Denise leaned in and kissed him on the lips. "I'm going to love being your wife for the rest of my life."

"And I will love being your husband, there will never be a dull moment."

Denise gave a loving sigh. "I'm sorry your mom couldn't be here to see it."

"She can see it from heaven, Denise. Her and my father, I'm glad that they've got each other up there."

Denise smiled lovingly, "Of course baby, their both are looking at us down here, even stacy I bet."

Jordan grasped her hand in his and brought it up to his lips. He didn't know if it was possible to love her any more than he already did. Time and time again their love had been testd. Even during the times when he thought they wouldn't make it, they had. All of this had only served to solidify their love. It had strengthened Denise into a better woman and him into a better man. Not to mention the fact that they had Vanessa now. He'd never thought he'd be a father to a sixth month old baby girl. She was so beautiful. He felt lucky. He'd graduated H.U. the previous May and was heading out to George Mason University of Law School in Arlington Virginia.