Always at night up in the stars magic sparkles, so bright and clean and clear and far away.

You feel like you can grab it, reach out and discover depth perception is off, but you laugh anyway because the magic is there.

Then snow falls and lands right on you and you feel the magic blessing you and your life.

White and glitter drifting through the air like something not quite there, but still tangible.

You look into those eyes and see the magic, feel it pouring out of you and seeping into him.

All the beauty and love that blossoms in that single, short moment when your eyes meet, and then he looks away.

The magic ends.

When the grass rustles and the cool wind blows into your nose that scent that just smells green, you feel the magic.

When the old tree falls with a sickening thud in the whipping hurricane you feel the magic.

When the sun bakes the air hot and heavy and the entire world seems to droop, still you feel the magic.

When the lawn is full of crocuses though snow is melting on the ground you feel the magic everywhere you turn, everywhere and you run to soak it all up.

But all it takes is one moment to destroy it, one moment gazing into his eyes and all of a sudden you suffocate when you realize.

The magic ends.

And the heat turns to cold and you shiver in the summer, even as the Earth is spinning and the sun is setting.

You squint in the dark and shield your eyes at night, and in the day you claim you cannot see.

And it's not all falsehood, it's mainly truth, and some lies told in a futile attempt to lure back all the magic that used to sing you to sleep.

Now you cry out in the night when the shadows grab your arms and you scream in your sleep at the darkness in your dreams.

You always assumed the magic would stay with you all your life but now it seems you were wrong about many things.

He is gone and he never loved you, and the magic lied and then it fled along with him and left you.

And now you watch through eyes that are haunted with madness as normal people go through life blessed by magic.

And when you tell people you used to have magic in your life, they say Yes Dear in the voice everyone uses since you went crazy.

But maybe you could be sane again, if only they would believe you when you tell them about the magic in

the stars and the snow and the grass and the wind and the old trees and the hot air and the crocuses and his eyes.