HOPE sits alone on stage. The hint of even more age is there. She looks nervous…scared?

HOPE: (she looks scared…concerned. She might bite at her nails, space out, bounce her leg. She mumbles, quietly, very much to herself) Shit…I shouldn't have…He will kill me…won't love me anymore…shit…

WILL enters in a huff. He stops when he sees her.

HOPE: Will, I –

He turns away

HOPE: No, please, don't leave…just…listen to me.

He doesn't stop.


He stops, but doesn't turn.

HOPE: look…I didn't want to hurt you…in fact, it's the last thing I wanted to do. I thought about this for hours and hours. Days, Will! – I just wanted…

WILL: You wanted what!?

HOPE: To be…

WILL: Happy? You really think you would be happy? HA! That's…sad, sweetheart! Naïve!

HOPE: I never said…

WILL: You won't be happy. None of us ever will be! But at least I will be free, while you just coop yourself up in a house of plastic teeth! It's not worth it.

HOPE: You don't know that.

WILL: You are being so stupid!


WILL: This won't make you happy!


WILL: You…you are a waste.

HOPE: A waste? Wow, coming from you? That's lovely; I must be a WRECK for you to look down on me!

WILL: Let me ask you something!


WILL: Why would you want to go with a family who's only putting on a show to get you out of here, just so you can feel good for a year and they can kick you out again?

HOPE: Hey –

WILL: They are just buying a premade daughter! All the perfection, none of the work! You're nothing but a show horse, a trophy on their mantle! If you go with them you're nothing but a sellout, a whore - but if you stay here...you might stay a real person.

So, make a choice Pinocchio, are you in or out?

HOPE: Pinocchio? You're such a child…You always have to make things so god damn difficult!

WILL: I am not the difficult one. I know what's real.

HOPE: Oh, really? Well for someone who flings themselves into the air, who seeks the thrills, you sure are not living. I WILL leave! I WILL have a life. I WILL NOT be stuck in the anger and resentment anymore! You can have all of that! I WILL be happy – And I hope, one day, you will be too. You just have to be open to those chances, Will! I know…I'm so sorry.

WILL: So, you're out?

HOPE: Yeah.

WILL: Yeah.

HOPE: Goodbye, Will.

One day, you will figure it out.

HOPE exits

WILL: Will I?