For me it was like Chernobyl

The time you changed for good

Cold glares

Heated words


Why without a warning?

You went all Amnesty on me

Whenever I asked for a reason.

Empty lectures

Crazy actions

I've had enough.


My first French Revolution

Happens when I jab you in the nose

Blood spurts

Bone cracks

"Oops!" I say.


The Great Depression sinks in

When I notice we're drifting apart

No laughs

No smiles

I want to forget us.


The Bermuda triangle traps me

As I reminisce over the good times

Tears pour

Nose leaks

I'm angry and shattered.


You are the cancer

That is slowly devouring me

I forfeit

Let this be my inner triumph

as I leave you behind

with Napoleon

and Sid Vicious.