The story of a Boy who was swallowed by a tree.

The tree he was sitting under was not an ordinary tree. There was something almost magical about the marble coloured bark that shone in seventeen separate colours when the wind blew through its delicate blossom and the sun shone at the right angle. The roots that came up through the soil and grass were gnarled and looked like someone had painted them a silvery grey, the colour was pleasing enough to see but there was something almost grotesque about their shape and the swollen, tumour like spots that appeared, and looked suspiciously like a bench of some sort, on them usually meant that students kept away from such a special item of nature.

The boy, who was sitting under such a special tree, was quite grateful for the relatively solitude that sitting in his position meant. Having no one come near him meant that he could very easily wrack his mind and berate himself for his previous stupidity. His pale fists were clenched and his head in his arms.

"I'm an idiot!" He cried out, once again taking for granted the relative solitude that the tree gave him. "Of course she won't go with me, she has a girlfriend." He flopped back against the tree and watched the odd glances people gave him as they walked past. "I wish she found me at least a little bit attractive." it was after all, very difficult for the poor boy, torn by his first crush, the belief that he can change her mind in terms of her sexuality and that she was very attractive did not match the idea that his crush was in fact very much in love with her girlfriend and had no intention of changing her mind for a boy who sat near strange trees and talked to himself.

Heartbreaking situation.

No student really understood why the tree grew seat like lumps on its roots but they were about to find out. During this hapless boy's heartfelt whine about his crush not liking him back, the roots had began to grow around him. Unnoticeable at first, the roots snaked around his thighs and pinned him to the tree. It was only when the school alert system – also known as the SAS by teachers, pronounced 'sass' and used with great irony when a student is late for lessons – went off and the boy made a move to go to his classes did he realise something was wrong. This boy was quite stuck to the tree.

Most unfortunately for him, now that the SAS had gone off, there was no-body around to see that he was being swallowed by the special tree that everyone avoided, and by the time lessons were dismissed, all that was left of him was the school bag he had dumped next to him.