Love, the one emotion above most others allowed in a human spirit's equipment, that can control us, that can be us, and that can utilize us for it's own purposes.

It is above all else an emotion older then time, which is of course where this story begins, it was during the realm of both B.C. and A.D., the years in which change, and the modern world started to each take place, in specific timing, it was the year 8 B.C., where in the city of Rome, a powerful arena stood, the Colosseum.

Upon it's many combatants, lived a man, Pisquerious the third, to be exact, Pisquerious was a captured slave from the area of current day Romania, but his term of duty and gladiatorial combat started to diminish, as he won two successful fights, prior to his entrance into the arena this third time.

When he entered, he saw the crowds, the populations, and the people and their emperor sitting in front of him, most importantely was the girl, while Pisquerious was kept in servitude, she visited him on each fight day, when he rested, she would always stand beside the outer view of the window, presenting him additional flowers and trophies upon his victories, and even his defeats.

Soon it came to be, that the two loved one and another equally, a situation that was to be deeply cracked, when Pisquerious entered the arena that day hoping to be presented a fight, he was actually tricked and tantalized.

The emperor had seen the gladiator's service and gave him a different task, one to which his servent standard bid him to fufill, regardless of his wants and desires.

The emperor then began his voice bellowing through the thick, harsh air, into the gladiator's auditory senses,"Pisquerious Arius Maximus, come forward please".

He then notioned with his hand, for the other gladiators to leave the arena into barracks.

"Pisquerious, I have summoned you for the purpose of clarification, today is indeed your final battle, but today it is against no man or beast".

The emperor motioned two guards, who strung a red crystal upon Pisquerious' neck tightly, the crystal fitting him easily, rebuking his natural form and presenting luxury to the lower, other citizen".

"Today, Pisquerious, you are most lucky or unlucky, I have seen your great, immense abilities, and I have planned out this assignment for you, today you will be sent into the cold regions up north, an area we have not sent any prior to discovery, in this area, the small island, like a tiny iceberg perhaps, you will spend dormancy for three months, after-which if you survive, you will be free automatically in state, the crystal around your neck has abilities of providing heat to you, but heed my warning, if you unleash the crystal's powers in the center of the ice core, it will undoubtedly melt the ice, and cause an ending global chaos, therefore you must keep it away from the center, it's heat, is from the creation of volcanoes, powerful elements that can destroy anything, understand the rules?".

"I do indeed, oh great emperor, I will bring glory to you and Rome, in this ice land".

"Good, take him to the docks, he has quite a journey waiting for him".

As Pisquerious peered towards the girl, he regretted what he was forced to do, and promised himself not to look at her, as he went directly back to barracks, before leaving to gather his things.