We must have either, passed out, fainted, or fell asleep, because when we woke up again, it appeared we were landing somewhere else, in another country, but in our situation standard, the right one.

I nudged Aeayalah to wake her up, because we knew we had to quickly exit the plane, before the cargo hold was opened up, after feeling through the structure for the compartment hatch, I then pushed it open with great force, the result, the hatch flew open, unleashing hellfire winds into the cargo hold, luckily though the hatch hole left just enough space for me to grab a Aeayalah, and launch a grapple onto an aluminum steel door, set below us on a flight tower entrance.

When we were safely upon the ground, Aeayalah and I made our way out of the runway, into the outer fencing, where the two of us stood observing the plane unload and set up transportation somewhere, although we weren't sure where, just as we weren't sure about what country we were currently in and why.

Focusing my eyes on the transportation vehicle, we trailed it, following it all the way into an archaeological excavation site, the difference between this and others like it was that, this dig was inside the ice, and that the diggers, were complete criminals and scoundrels.

Aeayalah and I quickly moved onto a hill near the excavation area, in order to keep safe and away from sight, as we moved up to the top of the hill, using my binoculars from my pocket to view the area, we noticed several people that sparked out interests.

One of which was the business man we followed, the world renowned owner and executive of Primerative Industries, a technology and weapons supplier to many armies worldwide, in simple terms, one of the damned devils that promoted world wars between countries and continents, his company was one of the worst criminal syndicates of them all, demanding absolute silence and secrecy, in order to keep promoting it's world profits.

The man, was Carlo Gintaro, Carlo at a young age held numerous business deals and stipulations with several people, in places both high and low in context, the most major were the combining force and rising winds, that he worked with to form his company, over years and long durations of time, the Carlo Gintaro who had created a small company, then had complete control over several counties and Providences, including some marketing in the most suspicious countries of Germany, Italy and Japan, although his great weaponry and technology kept him from facing questioning at the hands of the UN, it could be recorded that he was a definite underground and secret threat to all involved or written upon the lining of his plans.

This time Carlo was suspicously involved, where we were currently, and his involvement with Linguisi and the Northern Italian mafia, raised more then enough serious questions as to where we were exactly, and what was going on currently, it was to many extents something that would leave suspicions enhanced.

Besides him, the other key figures in the area were that of Sherri Mandelin, another low life, Mandelin was the key ingredient to the factor of increasing Japanese expansion, Mandelin born in Hong Kong in the year 1892, grew up in anger at the world and it's cruelties, at the age of 16, she exiled herself into Japan, after hearing of the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, signed in the US ten years before her birth, after that it was believed that Mandelin was willing to provide any rebellion against the US, which is why our suspicions that day rose.

"Aeayalah, you see Mandelin down there".


"This doesn't make sense at all, now Mandelin is involved with Gintaro, now things are really getting complicated.

Aeayalah then froze and paused herself for a second, before unleashing to me a gasping speech.

"Oh my god, it can't be".


"Look over near Gintaro, Aaron".

I took the binoculars and saw a man who was of Caucasian skin and half African decent, with a necklace containing a half moon crescent around his neck.

"Who is it?".

"It is him, it is Dillon, Dillon my brother".

"Your brother, I thought you said he was dead".

"No, you misunderstood Aaron, I only said he left, I had no clue what happened to him".