Boys, Friends & Sex Buddies
Chapter 1—Some form of "help"

OK, so I seriously know that this was an absolute favour for a desperate friend but was I supposed to actually enjoy it.. this much?

The point was to make her—the traitor, as he'd like to angrily put it, but more appropriately called the ex—utterly jealous beyond insanity that she'd miraculously come running back to him, begging on her knees to take her back.

Frankly, though, this was a very feeble attempt to get her attention and I wasn't exactly too sure that she'd comply. I guess that's what love does to some people or more importantly the fool who told me to go on this "mission": Henry Walker.

He is so painfully desperate and yet the feel of his arm around my waist feels pretty comforting.

The whispers that passed our way were too candid to be even slightly considered "whispering". Didn't anyone know that I had ears? For crying out loud…

"You 'kay?"

I laughed at Henry's concerned face, neck craning low to reach my height.

"Never better." I smiled.

His dark eyes watched me for a moment before looking away, searching through the sea full of teenagers. Practically half the school was at this party and I could see the majority of them were people I knew—not the ones that I wish I did, either.

My eyes followed his gaze abruptly stopping at a distinctly dyed red-head, hair nearly reaching her busty rump.

I slowly slid my view to Henry's face, immediately catching sight of his eyes glazing over and the longing expression crossing his features.

I lifted my head up to the ceiling in annoyance. "Hey, Ry," I nudged him gently in the ribcage, "you want your payback or what?"

Henry's nostalgic face dramatically turned serious, he nodded finally turning his body towards mine. Our hips were touching and barely no space was between us.

I internally laughed at the not-so-discreete looks we were receiving especially the ones where their jaws looked as if they'd drop to the floor soon.

Inconspicuously glancing to my right, I see the mane of red turning around hearing a frenzied comment about me and her supposed "boyfriend".

Henry's dark eyes were staring straight at me but I knew in his peripheral vision that the red was all he could focus on.

"Concentrate, idiot," I muttered.

My hand wandered to his face whilst I felt his hesistantly roam downwards to my butt.

I caressed Henry's cheek in the most genuinely loving way I could, noticing his lightly tanned skin take on a pink tinge and his shoulders tense albeit I didn't dwell on the fact. This was all in the name of revenge and if I was in on the plan then everyone knows that I'm ruthless. Anyway, we both needed to make our little show as convincing as possible; that was the deal.

"Are you read—"

I crushed my lips onto his before he could finish. No talk was needed; only action.

I sucked on his lower lip a little before inserting my tongue inside his mouth. To be honest, he tasted really nice like watermelon starburst though I could probably put the blame on the lollipop he'd been previously sucking on… so that was the flavour!

Henry's hands drew me closer—if that were anymore possible—and my ass was now being roughly groped, not that I minded in the least. His jet black hair was probably dishevelled with all the work my hands were doing and I swear to goodness if I weren't in the loungeroom with a bunch of gawking onlookers, I'd probably end up in Henry's baggy denim cladded pants. Skank? Yeah, whatever.

After we finally pulled back for air, we were both breathing heavily like we'd just gone off and done the dirty deed.

His eyes were wide and livid. "Woah…" he murmured, oddly astonished.

I raised an eyebrow.

Henry smiled. "Never said you had such a playful tongue."

I laughed at his choice of words pulling the collar of his shirt down so I could show him just how playful my tongue could get.

A high-pitched irritable squeal pierced the air making me break away from Henry's delicious watermelon lips and see a flaming red-faced, red head. Ha, damn lot of red.

"Oohh! So this is how you settle things?!" The literal red head shrieked before stomping over to Henry and slapping him across the face.

Gasps echoed the room and everything seemed to stop.

Henry guiltily dropped his hands from my ass.

"Y-You're such.. such a dick!" she screamed, her ice blue eyes brimming with tears as she stared from me to him.

She rushed out of the crowded room, scrambling her way past the hordes of our half-drunken peers.

"Mia!" Henry suddenly called out in distress, releasing himself from me before running after her.

I rolled my eyes. She was supposed to be doing all the running back part… but no, Henry did that instead. Guess that's the thing with desperados.

I went over to the nearest table adorned with still a few—luckily—full bottles of alcohol, I swiped up a Raspberry Smirnoff bottle and saluted it to the air.

"Best performance yet, Jamie!" I brought the drink to my lips before skulling down the whole contents. I was the bomb but Henry's act sucked.

I didn't see Mr. Desperado the rest of the night and from the looks I'd been getting I was pretty convinced everyone thought that what I'd done was "so not cool". Like I actually gave a rat's ass about what they thought.

I scoffed at Casey Ryans, the blondest bimbo out there, gossiping loudly about me with her other dumb friends. Oh, she just loved any kind of news whether it was fact or rumour. It surprises me that some people still do believe her which, really, is quite sad.

I managed to get my hands on the last full vodka bottle by using my manipulative, cunning ways. I'd only caught sight of the drink in the random's hand, spontaneously deciding to make out with them in means of getting my hands on the bottle.

This kiss itself was deep but quick and he'd stupidly let go of his drink to drag me closer. Lucky I'd caught it in time and hightailed my way out of there, not even bothering to clearly check on my unfortunate victim.

I hoped Henry would get the guts to shame Mia and officially dump her on her ass, he had way better taste than that and anyway... he was my only ride!

I entered the front yard catching sight of a few people passed out on the lawn—jeez, didn't they know what their limit was?

Rolling my eyes, I lifted the vodka bottle and took a long sip scanning the little area for any signs of my escort.

"Some friggin' friend he is…" I muttered angrily to myself. I give him my hand to help and what do I get in return?

"Hey, Peters, that wasn't really nice."

I wheeled my head around to explain myself about the kiss with Henry and whatever motives I had behind it but instead I rolled my eyes seeing who the person was.

Drake O'Clare; pretty much sums it all up.

"And what the hell do you want, jerk?" I said in a placating tone.

I was about to take another burning sip of vodka until The Jerk, himself, snatched it off of me.

"I think I do believe that this is mine," and as if he'd stress the point more clearer, he lifted up the bottle finishing the last three and half quarters of it.

Oh, hell, if that had been his drink then that means I'd… "No!" I groaned at the realisation just as Drake's face broke into an arrogant smirk.

"Still got it in you, right, honey buns?"

I flinched at the pet name I'd used to call him.

"Screw you, dick head."

He clucked his tongue at me. "Aww… what a way to speak to a friend."

I made a face at his last word. "Whoever said we are is completely delusional." Turning around, I briskly walked down the driveway and out into the street. The air was too suffocating when Drake was in its midst—and, anyway, where in the hell was Henry?

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