Boys, Friends & Sex Buddies
Chapter 5—Detention's consequences

Detention felt like it had been prolonged til eternity. I was so, so very close to purposely hitting my head onto the desk again just to be unconscious for the remainder of the time. Luckily, Mrs. Livinse had finally dismissed us all and we'd finally—gladly—left.

"Oh, God." I cringed, standing in the middle of the pavement in front of the Main entrance and staring at the emptying carpark in front. "I don't have a ride." I flipped open my phone only to see that it had lost battery.

Someone kill me. "This is the worst friggin' day." I murmured irritably, immediately recalling a certain clingy male who just can't seem to let go of his damn "ex-girlfriend"…

"Yo, sweet cheeks!"

Oh my God. I thought he'd left already?

Sighing in exasperation, I turned towards my right and saw Drake grinning his trademark smirk. He was twirling the keys to his BMW sleek black covertible whilst he watched me from behind his dark black-rimmed sunnies. As obviously as it gets, his favourite "colour" is black.

"You wanna ride?" he twiddled his eyebrows suggestively, presumably also implying the other meaning in that horrible pun.

I made a face. "Screw off, O'Clare." I quickly scanned the premises for any other signs of a car, catching sight of Ashlee's beaten up white Toyota Supra. Oh, thank God.

Beaming enthusiastically, I quickly started making my way over. "Already got a ride," I called back over my shoulder just as Ashlee's supra reversed and drove closer to the exit, generally in my direction.

I held up my hand in a gesture for him to stop and he did so, quite dramatically; his face looking like he'd just seen the school burn down.

Leaning down to his car window, I saw him hesitantly pry one hand off the steering wheel and use it to wind down the window.

"Uh, hey, um… Jamie." Ashlee's face took on a somewhat pained expression.

I smiled at him in the most non-foreboding way I possibly could. "Please, Ash, call me J.V.," I failed to suppress the wink that followed after every one of my introductions—guess it was just out of habit.

He smiled weakly in return, the face of someone being stabbed and trying their best not to show it hurt.

I felt slightly guilty for having to ask him a favour when I'd always made him so uncomfortable ever since… well, I'd "stolen his chastity".

"I know this is really rude but can you please drop me off home?" I asked him. "I promise I wont try anything."

Ashlee's eyes protruded at the last sentence. Crap that came out wrong.

"Er, what I'm asking is," I carefully amended, "will you please be able to drop me home?"

He finally looked relieved, nodding slightly and gesturing for the passenger door.

I made a mental note to find him a great girl who would totally suit him. Maybe Bethany Briggs from Math's class, she seemed as quiet and sweet as he did.

I arrived home twenty minutes later, the ride was driven in silence but thankfully he'd turned on the radio to ease the sexual tension. Ha. Right. I think I'd really scared him off last time, though I really didn't see a problem—he had been pretty satisfactory for his first time. I must admit, I'd had multiple orgies during his first.

I gratefully thanked him and he flushed slightly. He was one hell of a cutie.

Once I got inside the house, my mum was standing at the foot of our wide endless stairwell. She didn't look pleased.

I rolled my eyes and continued over towards her direction, she looked like a barrier trying to prevent anything from passing which subsequently had to be me.

As I was about to brush past her, she grabbed onto my arm forcing me to wheel around and face her.

"First it was being late," she shouted, "and now it's detention?! Viviana, what have I told you?"

"Oh my God, Ma!" I screamed shoving her hand off my arm. "I get detention at least once a week! What the hell do you expect?"

"Don't you dare take that tone with me, young lady!"

I pulled a face resulting in her deciding to let me taste the back of her hand. I stared at her angered face in bewilderment; she hadn't hit me since forever.

The aftermath of stinging pain seared through my cheek and before my dearest Mother could have another go, I bolted up the many staircases managing to refrain from letting the waterworks out.

"Jams?" I heard a voice call but I rushed into my room and slammed the door shut, sinking onto the floor and finally giving into the tears.

I'd somehow fallen asleep and woke up in my bed, all tucked in. A steaming mug of hot chocolate was standing on my bedside table. Was this her way of saying sorry? Ha. In her dreams. I picked the cup up anyway.

"Jamie?" An indistinguishable voice whispered. The door creaked open revealing a source of light in my slightly darkened room. What the hell was the time anyway?

I squinted at the outline drawing closer to my bed.

"Jams, you alright?"

"Oh. It's just you…" I yawned, rubbing my eyes with my free arm.

"Ya know… Mum's been freaking out. I don't know what you did but—"

"What I did?!" I retorted nearly spilling my drink in the process.

"Calm down, you know Mum's just worried about you."

"Shut up, Rus, you're just trying to rub it in my face that you're the favourite."

He chuckled. "Not really, Jams… I'm too old to play that game."

I rolled my eyes but he wouldn't have seen anyway. Russell was three years older than me—if he was old then that would make me old.

"Sure you're okay?" he asked again.

"Were you the one that tucked me in?" I asked in response. Of course I wasn't okay, my own Mother had hit me.

"Yeah, I thought you'd come to me if you needed to talk but after an hour I was getting kinda impatient…"

I inwardly laughed at the exaggerated image of him throwing a tantrum.

"…then I come to your room and find you drooling all over the carpet." If the light was on I was definitely positive he was smirking.

I chose to ignore the last statement. "What about the hot chocolate?"

"Yep, still me."

I found myself being slightly disheartened with the fact that it hadn't been Mum but I quickly recovered, squishing the feeling away.

"Alright…" I slowly said, "you can leave now."

Russell laughed but obediently got up. "Should be happy I didn't spit in that." From the way he spoke it was evident he was grinning.

"Oh, get out, you loser!" I ordered him.

He ruffled my hair before taking a swift exit. I flattened my already crazy bush and stuck my tongue out at the door. Brothers.

"Oh my God, J.V.! Guess what?" Cisily screamed at me. Just as I'd finish recharging my phone and unhooking it from the socket, she had promptly rung. Perfect timing… well, for her, at least.

Wincing, I put my handset a little farther from my ear. "What, Cis?"

She started squealing and I had to continuously hit my ear with the palm of my hand just to stop the piercing echoes due to her voice.

I put her on loudspeaker, remembering to turn down the main volume.

"Okay, Cis, stop whatever the hell your doing and tell me."

She halted the squeals and I could vividly sense her pouting on the other line. "Fine… but guess what?"

I sighed in frustration.

Cisily giggled. "I'm kidding, I'm kidding… but guess who—"

"I swear to God, Cis, if you say 'guess' one more time…!"

"Gar likes me!" she exploded.

Oh my God!

"I know, right?" she enthusiastically exclaimed.

"What? When? How?!" The suspense was killing me.

"Gareth likes me!" Cisily repeated as if I hadn't heard the first time, "we just finished talking and, well… he was so hinting it!" I could tell she was positively beaming.

I felt so happy for her and yet, something in the back of my mind kept nagging at me. Henry's face suddenly popped up. What the hell?

"…And then he pretty much complimented me!" she giggled.

"Uh, what? Sorry, Cis, I zoned out."

Usually she would easily get annoyed and tell me off for not listening but I guess she was too pumped up with hormones and endorphins to actually care.

"Reckon we should go on a date?" Cisily asked me in excitement.

To be frank, I didn't reckon anything and really, I didn't want Cis to get her hopes up.

"Hold up a sec, hon, did he actually admit-admit it?" I questioned her, "Or was he just… implying it?"

Cisily's joyful incoherent murmurs stopped and I immediately knew that he hadn't admitted a thing.

The other line was dead silent and suddenly a pang of guilt hit me, I'd bursted her bubble.

Damnit, Jamie! "Um, Cis, what I meant was—"

"Ugh!" she screamed, "You can never just be simply happy for me, can you? You're so selfish, Jamie!"

Before I could even begin to respond, she hung up the phone leaving me deserted to ponder on my own damn thoughts.

I hate boys. Especially Henry.

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