Boys, Friends & Sex Buddies

Chapter 6—Revelations & Sexual Relations

I'd come to school early only to find Cisily in Gareth's arms. They were looking pretty cosy near the school's huge fountain, sitting on a nearby bench. I wanted to apologise the night before, calling her multiple times afterwards but it went straight to voicemail.

I watched them wearily from afar, feeling my stomache about to drop. Why wasn't I happy for them? No... not unhappy—this emotion was different.

Gareth's eyes looked down at Cisily's, the both of them looking so blissfully contented.

The realisation started sinking in. I looked away just as I saw Gar lean down to her lips.

I was jealous, not of Gareth, but the foundation of their relationship. I was jealous because I didn't have that. Who would've known? Jamie Peters, the "homewrecker", wanting to settle down. And, with who?

I turned away from the fountain, picking up speed as I entered the school building.

Accidentally bumping into someone in my rush to God knows where, I frantically apologised to the victim, dropping to the floor to help them up.

The guy looked at me and my heart gave a lurch.

"Jamie?" he enquired in confusion.

Henry friggin' Walker, that's who. Oh, God, why? Why not Ashlee? He would be better for me… right?!

His face suddenly contorted into an annoyed expression as if remembering that we weren't exactly on good terms.

So, whatever else could I have said at that face? "What's up your ass, Henry?"

He scowled deeply in response before getting up off the floor and brushing himself off from the invisible lint. "You are, Jamie." and he stalked off, once again. Déjà vu, anyone?

I made a face at his retreating back, disappearing around the bend.

"What the hell?"

I looked up from the floor seeing Gareth's incredulous face hovering over me, my eyes quickly switched to the smaller figure beside him.

Cisily was holding onto his arm watching me intently. Her face broke into a smile, shaking her head at me.

Relief washed over me. "Loser," I said smiling along with her.

"I wouldn't say anything if I was you, Jamie..." she pointedly eyed the floor and giggled like a banshee on high.

"Help me up, would you?" I asked Gareth who was now smirking down at me.

The bell for first period rung out through the corridors and the entrance was instantaneously filled with a swamp of students bustling in.

"Aww… dayum!"

I rolled my eyes. I'd know that voice anywhere even in Hell—especially in Hell.

"Aw, It's Jamie, the trash tart, on the ground where she belongs."

A chorus of sniggers followed cue.

"Shut the hell up, Drake, you little pindick." I retorted.

His cronies began laughing at him whilst I knew he was fighting the urge not to flush. Drake threw a glare at me as he disappeared through one of the classroom doors.

I turned back to Cisily and Gareth only to see nothing more than students flooding the hallway. Ditchers.

I finally picked myself off the ground, proud that I hadn't been the least bit trampled on. The corridor began to empty once I headed over to my locker to retrieve my books for class. I caught sight of the front taking in the newly painted blue strip that successfully covered the words Homewrecker. No fun, the picture was taken down too... I think I was getting used to my Tila Tequila body.

I fiddled with my sharpened HB pencil, not minding the light tapping noises it made whilst it continuously hit my headboard. I inconspicuously looked up from under my eyelashes to across the room where Henry was seated. He looked deep in concentration though everytime my pencil would make contact he'd flinch slightly and his eyebrows knotted together, since I was virtually flicking away he, in turn, was flinching away. Ha.

Well, he looked totally cute, anyway. Ugh, what am I saying?

Henry jerked up, his eyes connecting my own. Can you stop? he mouthed, the crease in his brow made it obvious he was agitated. How fun!

I beamed in reply and hit my pencil more louder on the table.

His dark eyes seemed to blaze angrily before he returned to his work, incoherently grumbling under his breath. I had this sickening enjoyment in torturing him.

"Miss Peters, will you please stop that awful racket?" Mr. Donali piped up.

Mr. Donali is the hottest teacher I've ever seen, he looks like a younger version of Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Apparently him and Mrs. Caine's got something going on... but I don't believe it's true, purely from seeing Mr. Caine. Now, he was pretty sexy, like an older version of Hayden Christiansen.

Smiling sweetly at Mr. Donali, I abruptly halted the tapping.

"Anything for you... sir." I purred.

His pale cheeks turned a tinge pink. I smirked to myself, remembering that's exactly how he'd looked when I'd first taken off my bra. Mr. Donali was a beast in bed.

He cleared his throat and I couldn't help but laugh. I liked... no, scratch that, loved, torturing Mr. Donali more.

After class, Mr. Donali had held me back in. My fellow peers probably thought it was about my raucous in class but I knew that it was far from it. Once Carl Mason shut the door behind him, Mr. Donali's alter ego took over.

"I've missed you, Vivi." he breathed into my hair after grasping onto my waist from behind. I swear to God if anyone else had called me Vivi I'd chop them alive.

"Nathan... I know that—" I stopped in mid sentence feeling his breath on my neck. Oh, God. The tingling hot air caused shivers run down my spine. I inadvertantly arched my back, my eyes rolling back.

I knew this was so wrong but it never stopped me from doing it all those other times before.

"Nathan.. Nathan.." my attempts were useless. His tongue could do wonders.

I finally pushed him off just as I felt his teeth nip the nape of my neck.

"Please, Sir, this has got to stop." Hell, I hadn't had sex in awhile and Mr. Donali looked as tempting as a cup of freezing-cold lemon juice on a scorching hot summer's day... But something in the back of mind kept stopping me. And I swear that everytime I looked all the way to the far corners, Henry's stupid face was staring in return.

Mr. Donali cleared his throat. "Look, Jamie, I can write you a pass—"

I roughly shook my head. "No, Sir, I meant us... we've got to stop."

He looked hurt for a moment before he regained his usual composure. "Well, Jamie, I'd have to say you are by far my best and most favourite student." he reached over and planted a kiss on my temple but I was too busy laughing away.

"I think that's called being biased, sir." I managed to say.

He chuckled lightly in reply before looking serious again. "Once more?" he asked, or slightly pleaded, the tone was tilting towards it. "This can be the last, I promise."

I dramatically sighed. Hell, my libido needed to be satisfied. "Your car or Jenson's closet?"

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