By Maury Hime

Disclaimer: I am not a medical personal. I am not a medical student. In fact, I am not fond of science in general, haha. But I like to write and this is what has come to my mind. I do highly enjoy construction criticism. If you could leave one positive note and one note for improvement, that would be awesome.
With all other words put aside, please enjoy this introduction to my new story.

~ MH

Retrograde Amnesia is the inability to remember events that happened before a trauma. It is not an unknown disease and sometimes it is associated with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Sometimes an event can be so great, so taunting that it shuts down a person in their entirety. When they wake up again, they become a clean slate. Research on this subject has been an ongoing project in many counties throughout history. It has mostly been kept under careful surveillance so the general public would not become aware of what their government was capable of.

Now the scientists have perfected their technique. The have found out what exactly makes a person become withdrawn into themselves. They forget everything. Their name, their childhood, their lovers, their life. They become a toy to the government and they turn these people into whatever they want. Perhaps a doctor or a teacher, maybe even a mother.

They have eliminated prisons, and lawyers, and almost the entire judicial system. Now there were only cops, jails, and scientists. If you were lucky, you left with who you were. If you weren' would lose everything.

If the System was feeling generous, they would give you a new life and a new memory. Sometimes they would draft you into their army. Sometimes...they just left you in the middle of nature. Alone without provisions or shelter. It was a convenient way of eliminating people.

The general public was scared.

But it worked.

There were questions however. What if your new neighbor was a serial killer or if your child's teacher was a rapist? And what if your brother or father or child just disappeared? The System gave no answers, only results.

And the biggest fear that was on everyone's mind, what if their memories came back? Would their new lives be able to overcome the old lives they led? Would they still be the same person?

Or...what if the wrong person became erased?