Picking Her Out

Tyler's POV

Ever since the age of 6 everybody respected me. Just walking down the street with my mom made everybody turn heads and bow in respect. All the girls wanted to be my girlfriend just for the fame. All the guys just wanted my money. Other parents were nice so that they could have a good alliance with my dad's company. For 13 years… I had to live with all that shit from everyone. Now, to inherit my dad's company I had to do a little something…

"What!?" I shot up.

"Tyler, this isn't a choice." my dad said firmly. "You must choose a bride, to inherit the company."

Okay… it wasn't a little something, it was a big something. "That's outrageous!"

"Then you inheriting the family company is outrageous as well."


"Tyler, just go out and pick a girl."

"I can't just go out a girl and tell her to marry me!" I was so pissed.

"Why not?" he said calmly.

"Has 'love' ever crossed your mind in marriage?" I know that I sounded like a girl, but still. I didn't want to be stuck with some girl that I didn't even love… I seriously did sound like a girl…

"Your mother and I are working out just fine!"

"Yeah, right." I scoffed. "You guys barely talk to each other."

"No matter…" my dad waved away the situation. "Just think of getting married as your ticket to inheriting the company. Understood?" he looked at me. "End of discussion. You're dismissed."

I fumed out and drove off to go sight-seeing… more like "girl-seeing."

"Jonathan?" I called from the back.

"Yes, sir?" the driver turned around.

"Take me to Rice University."

"Yes, sir."

The black limo drove away towards the university… about a thirty minute ride.

"We have arrived, sir." Jonathan started to get out to open my door.

"It's alright. I'm just going to sit here for a bit." I rolled down my window and looked at my watch. It was 2:06… in about five minutes, some classes would let out. - After about five minutes guys and girls just started walking out.

Blondes, brunettes, red-heads, blacks, and all the others… that were highlighted, I guess. Some of them looked over and squealed.

"Isn't that the Rogers' limo?" one pretty hot girl looked over and pointed.

"It is!" her friend squealed.

"Oh, my gosh! No way!"

"Look! Look! Look!"

"Eek! Tyler, I love you!"

I sighed to myself. Then the two girls waved… I raised my hand and gave them a weak smile…

"Eek! He looked over!" the hot girl jumped up and down.

"I know!" the other girl was hyper-ventilating.

By the time those two girls were done screaming and blushing… the other girls and guys were looking over and waving… it was getting tiring and annoying.

"Jonathan…" I sighed.

"Yes, sir?"

"Let's get a move on." I clicked so that the window would close.

"Yes, sir."

Jonathan started the engine and started to drive off… then I saw her. She was perfect, the one…

"Jonathan, stop the car!" I exclaimed.

"Y-yes, sir…" he stepped on the brakes with a startle.


"Yes, sir."

"Thank you."

"Yes, sir."

I rolled down my window to get a better look at her through the dark tints. She had brunette hair with a little bit of light brown mixed in. It was curled in a way that she looked like a model. Her body was amazing… she had skinny legs that looked pretty toned, her stomach was flat, her arms were skinny, but built. And her face was beautiful. From afar, I could only see a vague look, but she looked pretty enough. I watched her every moment and tried to listen in on what she was saying.

"Chloe!" her friend squealed.

So her name was Chloe… she turned around.

"Hey, Mari." she smiled.

Her smile was so pretty, and her teeth were straight and a pearly white. Her lips looked soft and a beautiful shade of red… perfect to kiss.

"Look…" her friend pointed towards me…

Shit. The limo…


"What do you mean what?" her friend squealed. "That's the Rogers' limo!"

"I don't fall over and swoon because of them or bow down to them in respect."

"What? Why not? You know they have a son named Tyler… and he's so hot!"

"That's great for him…" Chloe shrugged.

Wow… she's different. Most girls would blush and swoon over me. But this girl… so different. I already liked her. I knew it. She was the one. The one I would marry. And the one I would want to be with for the rest of my life. Even though I didn't know her personality, I still wanted her…

I stepped out of the limo and walked over to them. I had to figure out who she was.

"Oh, my god! Chloe! He's coming over here!" her friend jumped up and down.

"Mari… you're supposed to be in college." she started giggling softly. She was so cute…

I walked over and smiled at them. Chloe smiled back, but in a bored way, her friend on the other hand sighed and swooned. "Tyler Rogers." I stuck out my hand towards Chloe.

She looked at me weirdly, but eventually introduced herself. "Chloe Caylins." she took my hand and shook it casually.

I looked over to her friend. "And you are…?"

"Mari Oslo!" she took my hand and furiously shook it.

"Umm… nice to meet you, Mari." I smiled at her.

"Yeah!" she sighed.

"Uh, Mari. I'm off. I gotta get a head start home. My mom wants me back in a few minutes and I didn't bring my car today. I'll call you, okay?" Chloe explained to Mari.

My chance to help her out and get to know her…

"Aww… I wanted to hang out today." Mari pouted.

"Sorry." Chloe winced. And she turned towards me. "Well, Tyler, it was nice meeting you, but I gotta get going." she smiled at me. Her and Mari quickly embraced each other and walked their ways. This was a good opportunity.

"Hey, Chloe!" I called after her.

"Yeah?" she turned around not affected at all by me calling her.

"I can give you a ride. Come on." I pointed back towards the limo.

"It's fine."

"Come on. I'm out for a drive, anyways. Hop in." I walked over to her and held out my hand.


"Don't worry. I'm not a weird creeper or anything." I assured.

"Alright then…" she sighed. "If you insist."

"I do. Come on." I took her tote from her shoulder and slung it over mine. "This thing is heavy…" I looked at her.

"Yeah, but you get used to it."

"I guess." I opened the door and waited for her to go in. "After you, Chloe."

"Thanks…" she smiled and hopped in.

After I hopped in, I introduced Jonathan and Chloe to each other.

"Jonathan, this is Chloe, and Chloe, this is Jonathan, my driver and personal butler."

"Nice to meet you, Miss Chloe." Jonathan turned around and smiled.

"Nice to meet you too Jonathan." she smiled back.

"Alright, so… where do you live?" I asked her.

"The neighborhood right near that playground…"

"Oh, next to that grand Starbucks?"

"Yeah. That one." she smiled.

"Alright, Jonathan. Drive away."

"Yes, sir."

God, she was beautiful. From what I didn't see before from afar, I had seen them all now. Her eyes were a beautiful grey that looked like it changed colors from what was surrounding her. She had on a grey sweater, so it didn't change much, but in time, I would get to know her… Her lips were created perfectly; her skin was a wonderful and even shade of a mixed tan and creamy white. And her personality… so far… seemed pretty amazing.