I woke up to birds chirping… I turned around and found a note and a rose lying on Tyler's pillow. I picked up the note and read it.

Follow the rose petals…

I love you

I quickly washed up and put on a yellow summer dress. I brushed out my hair into its naturally wavy state at the ends and I put some gel in it, then I ran back towards the bed and looked past the door. There was a trail of rose petals. I smiled and ran towards the trail and followed it. The trail of petals kept on going all the way down the stairs towards the kitchen.

Where the entrance usually was, there was a curtain of threaded rose petals. I walked through and there was Tyler… he was standing right next to the table. A table full of food and a bouquet of roses right in the middle of it…

"Tyler…" I said quietly from shock

He walked over and embraced me tightly, "Happy Anniversary, dummy." He whispered in my ear.

"Thanks…" I hugged him back. Then I let him go and started to run back up the stairs.

"Where are you going?" Tyler called.

"If I knew you were going to do something this early in the morning, I would've too… I'll be right back." I smiled as I ran back up the marble steps. I quickly ran around the room to get the present and card that I had made and bought for him. Then I quickly ran back down to the kitchen. "Tyler." I called.

He was still standing next to the table, leaning on the wall… waiting. "Right here, Chlo." He walked up to me. "Now what is it?"

I smiled up at him, "Happy Anniversary…" I handed him the gift.

"Thanks, baby." He took the gift and opened the box. "Aww, sweet! I've always wanted one of these…" he took out the present and looked at it up close.

"It's not that fancy, but I thought you might like it." I smiled at him. I had bought him a money clip with our initials and anniversary engraved into it.

"Not like, Chlo… I love it." He smiled. Then he leaned in to kiss me. I looked up and our lips met… The kiss felt like fireworks exploding and the heat ran through my body. As his tongue teased my lips, I could feel his embrace get tighter, as my hands made their way up around his neck.

When Tyler pulled back, I smiled at him and said something that I would've never expected myself to say in the past, "I love you, Tyler…"

"You better…" he lifted me up and twirled me around. I squealed and laughed along with Tyler. Even if this marriage started out as a contract and I hated him in the beginning, now… I love him with my entire life and that contract felt like it was never there in the first place…

the end...

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