dI'm walking down the street looking at all the buildings that I have never seen. Watching all the faces pass by me. Then there he was on the other side of the street. He was looking at me with intent to kill.

I quickly moved on to the next thing. I just kept on walking, then I walked up to a park. I stopped and looked around. I saw an empty bench and went and sat on it just to watch the people around me. Watching the children play with their parents and run around with smiles on their faces. There he was standing over by a car looking at me. I looked away before he could see that I was looking at him. I looked at him from the corner of my eye and saw that he was smiling.

I looked away from him and then I looked back and he was no where to be seen. I turned my head to take a better look. He wasn't there, I looked around to see where he was and he was nowhere to be seen. I let out a breath and relaxed a little and then there was a tap on my shoulder. I looked over my shoulder and there he was. I jumped out of my seat and yelled at him, "Holy crap! Don't ever do that!"

"My darling Raelyn, do you really think that you can hide from me? My love, you can never hide from me. I'll always be with you Raelyn. If you do mange to hide from me, it won't be for vary long. I promise you that my love." He said to me with a vicious smile. Then he was gone out of thin air.

I looked around there was people staring at me. I sat on the bench and took in a deep breath and thought to my self *why me? I'm nothing special.* then I noticed that there was a lady sitting next to me. She was just looking at me like I was crazy. "What did I say something? Did I do something wrong?"

"Sweetie who were you talking to?" she asked me. She just looked at me and waited while I took time to answer her.

"You didn't see him? He is about 6'5" like almost three hundred lbs., black hair that has red strikes that follows down to his shoulders. He has eyes the color of the ocean. You didn't see him standing next to me or even across the street?" I looked at her.

The lady replied back to me, "No, every one saw you talking to your self. No one saw a man there. Are you feeling okay?"

"No, I think that I need to go home now." I said as I stood up and looked around. I looked at her again, "Thank you, kind lady."

I started to walk away from her and then looked back around me to see where I was. As I looked around and then back at her, she came up to me and put her small palm upon my shoulder. She asked me, "Do you know where you are going? I could walk with you if you wish me to be?" she looked at me and watched me for a minute. I looked at her and then nodded, "Yes that would be nice of you to walk with me. I don't know where I live. All I know is my name."

I looked away as I said this to her. She just smiled at me and said, "Dear one that is okay we can walk around till we find something that is familiar to you. By the way my name is Mitexi Crisiant. You may call me Mitexi. What would your name be?"

"Miss Crisiant, my name is Raelyn. Just Raelyn. I don't know if I have a last name or not." I just smiled at the kind lady. I was looking at her more closely now. Her copper hair is curly, her golden brown eyes. In the right light her eyes would sparkle with flakes of green; and her skin the color of ivory, with freckles across her straight little nose.

"Now now don't be so formal with me. I am your friend now. Shall we get started on with our walk then?" she said to me with a smile on her face.

I just smiled at her and started to walk in the way I think I came from. She was walking next to me. we just kept on walking we walked be a few shops that I would have love to stop and look at. But I did not think that she would like that much.

"So what kind of things do you like Raelyn?" she asked me and she looked at me.

"Umm… I'm not really sure. I know that I like the color blue and silver. I also know that I like to have people play with me hair. My parents have hair dressers come over and I have them wash and trim my hair. Then the also have people hat come over and make clothes for me. They don't take me out for ice cream, shopping, or even to the park. I now can say that was my first time to the park." I gigged a little bit and looked at the face she was making at me. Then I looked at the ground and kept walking a little past her and stopped to look across the street. Then I faced her and said, "Do you mind if we back track a little bit there was a shop that I would like to look at."

"Dear since this is your first time among other people. I don't see why not. Do you have any kind of money to buy anything?" she looked at me as I made a happy giggle, and then stopped when she said the word money.

"What is that? I have always heard ma and papa talk about it but I have never seen it." I looked at her with intent eyes as she was digging through her bag.

"This Raelyn is money." she held up a one dollar bill. It was green and small. I poked at it and then she told that I could hold it. to me it felt like a thick peace f paper.

"What is it used for? It seems so small and not worth a lot." I handed back the bill to her.

She then started to look for something. She was looking around. "Let's cross the street and go to that little shop right there okay?" I nodded and we both watched for cars as we then crossed the rode.

I fallowed her in to a shop called Nectars' Café'. It was a cute little shop. As a looked around the shop I smelled some thing that was sweet and also bitter at the same time. There was a lady be hind the counter. She said, "Welcome to Nectars' Café'. How may I help you?"

"I would like to have an elephant apple smoothie. Then what ever she would like to have." Then they both looked at me and I said, "Could I just have a dragon fruit smoothie with a banana in it?" the lady then asked what size we would like them. Mitexi said large for both of the drinks.

Then the lady behind the counter said, "That will be $6.50 for both drinks." Mitexi nodded and began to dig through that bad once more. Then handed the lady a bill that look like it said a ten on it and then the lady gave her something back. "Raelyn this is what they call change, I gave her a ten dollar bill and in return she gave me three dollars and fifty cents back." she held out the money that she had gotten from the clerk. I held out m hand so she could in my and.

"Why is this different from the money?" I held up the little silver peace. She said, "That is called a coin. That is called a quarter; there are ones that also called a dime, a nickel and a penny. Miss. Do you happen to have a dime, nickel and a penny in your pocket?" she had asked the clerk. The girl nodded her head and reached in her pocket and gave Mitexi the coins.

She held them out for me to see and I was amazed. They were smaller then the quarter, and each one was smaller then the next. The girl was done making the drinks and asked if she could have her change back.

She looked at me kind of funny like. Then she said to Mitexi, "What is from another country and can't figure the change over?" Mitexi looked at her with shame in her eyes. I looked at Mitexi and I said to the girl behind e counter. "No this is my first time out of my house. I have never seen or even used money in my life." The girl looked like she was sorry she asked and Mitexi looked at me with pride.

"My name is Torina Myth, I am sorry that I was rude to the both of you. You can call me Tor for short if you like. Do you mind if I ask how old you are?" she looked really sincere about what she had said before.

"My name is Raelyn and this is my new friend Mitexi. It's nice to meet you Torina." I looked at her while I take a drink from my dink. It was the best I have ever had. "Torina this is the best drink have ever had. I have my parents make this for me daily and you are so much better then the cooks make." I gave her a smile and she smiled back at me.

She has to deep dimples on the side of her mouth. Her hair is about shoulder length and is a bit curly and is nutmeg brown and she had dark brown eyes as well. Her skin was a light bronze color. She wasn't varying tall. Maybe about five foot. She had a little bit of curve to her small body. She had a small pout to her lips and the dimples gave them more. When she would not smile they were full and sexy. She wore a little bit of makeup. She had on white eyeliner on the bottom of her eyes and then on top it went from a light blue to a black. Which help bring out her eyes a lot. She wore a lip gloss that made her lip stand out a little bit. All in all she was a vary beautiful girl.

"Torina, I am 23 years old." Both she and Mitexi looked at me in ahh. I looked at both of them and then said, "What? I have lived at home, caged like an animal all my life. Torina and Mitexi how old re the both of you?" there I thought I'd turn the tables and its on the two of you.

"I am 46 years old. My next birthday is coming up soon too." Mitexi said with her back straight a head held high. Both I and Torina looked at her in surprised. But I knew it to be true because of the things that she says.

"Well since I am last, I am only 16 years old I just had my birthday. We didn't do much. I had to work on my birthday and so did my parents and my twin brother Jadyn, and my older sister who is about turn 20 in the next few months Aria. So I didn't do much. But that is okay cause the more hours that I get in the more I get paid and I am saving for a car or my 18th birthday. Raelyn do you have any brothers or sisters?"

I shook my head and when I did out of the corner of my eye I saw him. Sitting in one of the chairs next to the door. I stood frozen in place. Mitexi caught where I was looking. I saw her turn around to look at what I was looking and I could tell by the face she that made that she did not see anything.

I dropped my smoothie. "Why?" was all I cold say to his face? He knew what I was thinking then said to me, "You have to will me to be seen by them if you want me to be Raelyn. You have always known that. "Cemal Emir show your self!" I yelled then there was smoke every where in the little shop.