Is grass greener on the other side?

Is there always somewhere to hide?

Is everyone always treated the same?

Is there always someone to blame?

Are there people really that poor?

You wouldn't say that if you knew what I saw

Children lying in the street

Starving, searching for something to eat

Desperate for hospitals to save many lives

Children stood by their dying mum, saying their goodbyes

For them old age is a long told lie

Years before they will die

Disease spread round villages fast

How long will this pain and suffering last?

One more family dead and gone

How much longer must this go on?

Because this could be fix with healthy food and water

There goes another husband, wife and Daughter

This could be solved with your donations

Because this is a truly desperate nation

So please take time to read these words

And maybe their stories will get heard

So please do what you can and answers their plea

And it will change someone's life I guarantee