Chapter two: In which Frac makes herself very clear...

"Hi again, Noob!"

It was that woman again; now that Noob had a chance to take a closer look, he could see she had a shiny little shield pinned to her collar. "Hello," he said, thoughts flying to the heavy book of rules he still hadn't read...

"How're you finding the OT?" Frac asked, a grin poised on her face.

"It's... it's crazy!"

To his relief, the Moddess only laughed in sympathy. "Don't worry, it'll settle down soon enough."

Noob frowned. After each sentence that Frac said, there was a small buzz at his collar, from the 'nick' he had been given. "I'll take your word for it," he said, pausing as the 'nick' vibrated again. "Hey, Frac? Why does this keep buzzing?" Noob indicated the badge.

Frac's expression changed from the sunshine of before to the thunder of those in angry disbelief. "You. Haven't. Turned. Off. Your. Email. Alerts?"

"Err, my what?"

The one who had called himself Sesshy, and his wizard friend Radio, appeared over Frac's shoulders. "Turn them off, quickly!" they whispered, voices cracking with urgency.

"No, seriously, turn off what?"

"Oooooooh!" Frac started to shake in anger. Beatles and Zion popped up beside Noob, taking his hands and trying to show him how to turn off the buzzing, but it was too late: Frac had exploded. "I have said it over and over again! Why does no one ever listen?! It's in the rules, for Reggy's sake!"

"Hail!" Sesshy proclaimed from behind Frac. Radio opened her mouth to follow suit, but Frac turned and shot her a death. Radio then made a small squeaky sound and hid behind Sesshy.

The Moddess turned back to Noob. "I warn you all! Every time! But do you ever listen?! No! It's all 'I don't wanna read dat, it too long for wickle me!' But it's the rules! You have to read the rules! Right?" She glared at the people around her. "Right?!"

Beatles coughed. Frac narrowed her gaze. Dolly shuffled her feet and Karas began whistling out of tune (though there was nothing new there).

"Right?" Frac said, her tone promising pain.

"Well..." they said in unison.

"You people!" Frac threw up her hands in despair, then took a deep breath. "Noob, darling, please look on your 'nick', there is a small button that says 'alerts', press that and then please get out of my way. I am trying very hard not to throttle my RG-ers."

On that note, the remaining spectators started to shuffle away, avoiding Frac's gaze of steel.

Noob brought up his hand and turned the alert button off. "Big deal over nothing..." he muttered into his sleeve.

Unfortunately for him, Frac had very good hearing.

It took a while, but eventually disaster was averted. Noob retrieved his copy of the rules and sat in the far corner of the OT lounge trying his best to understand the mind-numbing instructions and winced occasionally.

Frac took in the scene and beamed. All was well in the Review Game.