My name is Thomas Franklin Yakovich. I'm an ordinary guy, unless you count the fact that I'm a career criminal with the ability to evade any and all attempts to catch me. For some reason, it's my gift. I guess I'm wrong. There's nothing ordinary about me. I lost my family in a fire that, to this day, no one knows how it started. I was the only survivor, and I was only six. I've been bounced from home to home, and there was really only one of them I wanted to stay in, because of one person. Rachel Hopkins. She was beautiful. She was the only girl I really felt anything close to love for. But even that could not stop the flow of time. I was quickly jerked from the home as soon as the family found out I loved her, and told the Home Services of Aurelia.

Aurelia is a bleak world, formerly known as Earth, before the old governments waged war on each other and nuked themselves into extinction. Aurelia was ruled by a class of people called "Workmen", all taking orders from the Home Services. The Home Services were lead by one woman, a powerful witch known only as Isis. Isis was known by most as a benevolent woman who used her gifts for the betterment of mankind. I knew better, and so did my gang. she was pure evil, and she stank of it. not a rot smell, but the scent of the putrefaction of evil. That's what the boys and I knew, because Crazy Steve had met her once by chance. He had a gift that seemed the exact opposite of mine.

Steve wasn't a very bright person, especially when it came to getting away. He was cursed to be chased away and even caught whenever he did something wrong. He never made it out of a crime scene without being seen or heard.

Back to Aurelia. It may have been cold, bleak, and dead, but it was my home. I couldn't afford a ticket off-world to Regalia, our newest system near Sirius. So I reverted to taking what I needed, no matter the risks. I robbed the houses of politicians, mostly. I even got a nice shirt, which I happen to be wearing today, from the Witches closest adviser. My next target: Aurelia's house. She needed a lesson. Problem is, this time, my luck runs out, thanks to Crazy Steve...

A/N: I need to know what you think. I'm not going to continue this if it doesn't get much support. This novel really is based on a dream I had, with embellishments. Aliens with pez-dispenser heads, a book of magic, a little red demon, and a couple nasty people who work in the sewers... All will be revealed.