Perfectly Star-Crossed: The Mission

There is absolutely nothing better than a hot bath. There is nothing so relaxing and refreshing as being submersed in hot water with bubbles and the smell of your favorite scent surrounding you. I always take a bath before bed. That is where I found myself when the red envelope was delivered. I sighed as the man walked in without even knocking. I hated that guy.

"Good evening, Miss Delilah," his voice was deep and I am sure that if he didn't annoy me so much I would have found it attractive. His eyes were hidden behind the dark sunglasses, but I could feel his gaze scan my body as well as it could considering the glasses and the bubbles.

"Do you pick these moments to visit me strategically Freddie?" His mouth twitched as he tried to hide a smile. I glared at him. He was lucky I didn't have a gun in my hand and that Derek would be extremely upset if I killed him. But he wouldn't always be that fortunate.

"No Miss Delilah, it would seem that lady luck is on my side," I rolled my eyes at his sugarcoated tone.

"As I'm sure she would be if I told the Boss about this incident. Am I right, Freddie?" I smiled charmingly at him and he quickly handed me the envelope, fear radiating from him.

"Have a wonderful night Miss Delilah," he swiftly exited the way he came. I laughed. A major bonus to being the love interest of the Boss: the creeps leave me alone, for the most part. I opened the letter, still laughing quietly to myself. What can I say? I get a kick out of people's fear. My laughter, however, died and I was already disgusted just after reading the way Derek addressed me.

My Dearest Delilah,

Another mission is at hand. I wish I didn't have to send you on these, but since you refuse to marry me, I have no choice. You do not have to change much for this one, you as yourself are perfect for the job. Of course, your last name and your history will be altered for our protection, but you just need to be yourself. Act how you would act during a situation and say what you would say. No facades for this one.

I hope that after this mission you will have changed your mind my precious Delilah. I pray you will be ready to marry me. I love you. The information is on the next page.

He must be getting desperate. He never intertwined business and personal things. He didn't understand the word "no" either. It wasn't really his fault that he didn't understand it though. Nobody told Derek no. He was a man with tons of power and nobody (excluding me) dared to tell him no unless they wanted everyone and everything they loved and cared about taken away before they themselves were murdered.

There were three reasons that I wasn't threatened by him. The first reason being I had nothing and no one I loved or cared about. The second reason is that I wasn't afraid of death, my life held no real meaning. The third reason was that I was the only one whose crap he would put up with, and honestly, it was fun to piss him off. As long as he had the false idea that he loved me, I was safe.

Going back to the letter; on the second page was all of my new information. Delilah Dixon? What kind of name was that? I scowled. People were losing their imaginations. My parents were business owners and I lived by myself, never seeing them. I emancipated myself when I was sixteen and was now eighteen. My grandmother had died a year ago, leaving me with a huge inheritance, including the condo I now lived in. I was a senior at West Side, just transferred from Central. I was an ordinary kid, with an ordinary lifeā€¦ How relieving.

This was the first time they let me use my real name, or let me live in my own condo. And they wanted my real personality? It was intriguing. I didn't think I was even likeable. Who were they after this time? Just a high school kid? I was actually curious to see who they thought would like me. He was on the third page. They never told me anything about the men or women, getting to know them had to be normal, but there was always a picture.

He was extremely attractive. Just looking at him made me excited for the mission. I wouldn't be disgusted to have to sleep with him like a lot of them. I was extremely pleased to see it was a man. It is hard to pretend to be attracted to women, let alone sleep with them. I shuddered, lesbianism was not my thing, though it works for some people. To each their own I guess.

This boy was hard to look away from. His hair was dark, almost black and fell to his shoulders in messy waves, curling at the end. His eyebrows could not be natural, they were too tame and thin and perfectly shaped. Underneath his eyebrows were rich brown eyes, they actually disturbed me. I couldn't tell which emotion he was feeling, but it was definitely not happy. Some people's eyes were the easiest to read, not the case with him. Thick eyelashes surrounded the beautiful eyes, making it look like he had make up on. His face was sharp, with lots of angles, and in contrast to the thinness of his face, his mouth was full, but not too large for his face. Surrounding his delightful mouth was a goatee trimmed nicely, meeting with thin sideburns that grew shortly along his jaw line. A lip piercing was on the left side of his lower lip and his ears were pierced as well. He was gorgeous and suddenly I couldn't wait for school Monday.

So this is a story I started writing awhile back and decided to do something with it to see the type of response it got. I might update these faster than TLITG for awhile because I have this already written out for the first few chapters, not so with the other story. Anyway I love reviews. Criticism, support, anything of the sort. Thank youuuuu.