"We want boys, boys, boys!"
Two girls chant with their
Sleazy Bacardi Breezers,
Their voices so drunk,
Yet they create so much noise,
Ah, no sleep, no patience and no way!
Can't take their petty aims,
Of sex, and their debauchery

"I could so do him right now",
Words that echoed
From yesterday's drunken rant,
"You know, he's big in the pants",
The blonde winks at the red-head,
No one cares you thick idiot,
I mumble in the darkness,
Alone in my single bed

Now the heavy steps come,
Then a thud,
One may have fallen
They've tripped over their own
Mistrusting feet,
Oh dears, should I bother,
Should I check?
Help the bloody sex-wreck?

No, let the other one do that,
Stay away from double trouble,
Never know what to expect,
Either their welcomed silence,
Or they might get sick,
After cursing your relationship,
Finally their din has gone,
But then they turn their bloody music on

A huge moan escapes my lips,
They are total hypocrites!
Always asking no noise from me,
Yet they pipe this awful stuff,
Of damned rap and R&B,
Then a thought rumbles,
Have I turned old already?
Only at the age of twenty?

Can't be,
I drink and dance,
Just only for pleasure,
Only with good company,
Lord, what happened?
Am I really that boring?
Eyes flutter,