No Privacy

Two years had gone by since Demitri and I had been accepted into Princeton. Within the two years that had passed, many things happened. My parents had both passed away all within just a mere two years… the only thing that comforted and was left for me was Demitri. My father had passed away in a car crash from a drunk driver, and my mother had been killed from another drunk driver. The driver had lost control of the car and drove into the sidewalk… where my mother was. For a long time, I was depressed… losing both of my parents in less than a month when I had spent my entire life with them and loved them so dearly. Demitri was the only thing that had been able to pull me back into reality and give me the strength to go on with life… In a few months, I had started school again with Demitri and caught up with all my studies… I fought to make my parents proud and keep them happy while they were watching me from above…

Taylor… was near us… but we could never hang out. Her father owned a business that was booming and Taylor was studying under a personal tutor… Demitri was taking classes that led him towards the Business & Management field, and I was taking classes that paved a path for a nurse. Demitri's parents had built a company that was on the brink of becoming the world's top company. So within those two years, Demitri's family had basically become royalty… all the girls were screaming and squealing for him. And this time, it wasn't just because he was hot, it was because he was loaded. We were still dating and we still loved each other like mad…

rrr rrr rrr

I quickly peeked at my phone while Mr. Lennard was giving his lecture.

Meet at Swan Lake, 3 p.m.

Love you

It was 2:10… my class should end right about… now. And on cue, the bell rang.

"There will be a test tomorrow on this material. Come prepared." Mr. Lennard announced.

The entire class rushed out. I packed up and rushed to my car and drove off to our secret lake from years ago. It took a while to get there, so I would make it in time.

I quickly parked my car in our old Kindergarten school and ran towards the top of the hill. And there was Demitri at the bottom… lying down at the bank of the lake.

"Demitri!" I called from the top of the long hill.

His head perked up, and he started to get up. As I started to run towards him, down the hill. When I finally reached him, I jumped into the air and as expected, he caught me with perfect grace.

"Eek!" I squealed with happiness.

"Hey, Ray…" he smiled as he kissed me on the lips.

"Hi…" I smiled back. "What's wrong?"

"Do I have to have a negative reason to want to meet you?" he looked at me.

"Course not." I giggled. "Then… what's up? Better?" I smiled up at him.



"Just wondering if you want to go out for some ice cream." He insisted.

"In public? With all your fans?" I asked him cautiously. "Isn't school bad enough for you?"

"Yeah… but since I'm with you… I don't mind it."

"Then…" I looked up at him, "Let's go!" I giggled.

"Alright!" he draped his arm over my shoulder.

We got to the ice cream shop within a few minutes and we were both waiting for a delicious sundae.

"Here we go…" Demitri smiled as he opened the car door for me.

"Thanks." I smiled and pecked him on the cheek.

"Let's go." he held out his hand.

"Mnm!" I agreed and we walked to the waiting line.

The line was long and there wasn't a lot of room at the tables, either. Then as we were waiting, all the girls just looked around and spotted Demitri.

"Oh, my god! There's Demitri!" they all squealed and screamed. Then they all ran up to him and just pushed me out of the way and surrounded Demitri.

"Demitri…" I tried to reach.

"Ray…" Demitri tried to reach my hand, but the crowd of girls was too much.

"Demitri!" they all squealed, swooned, and squealed.

I just laughed to myself and just waited for Demitri to somehow escape. I just walked over to get some ice cream and walked back to his car quietly.

When the girls were finally fought off by Demitri's bodyguards, he escaped to his car.

"Ray…" he panted. "God, I'm so sorry…"

"Haha, it's fine." I smiled at him. "Let's go get your ice cream."


We went for a walk after getting ice cream. We were holding hands and our shoes and just playing around Swan Lake. Then after a while, we just collapsed onto the grass. Demitri was lying against a tree, and I was lying against his chest.

"That was fun…" I sighed as I closed my eyes and relaxed onto him.

"Definitely…" Demitri agreed and pecked me on my forehead.

I smiled up at him. Then all of a sudden, we heard clicks and snaps behind bushes. I slowly got up and looked around. Reporters.

"What the hell!?" Demitri turned around and grabbed me, then started to pull me along to his car. When we finally reached the car and the reporters were trying to follow. Demitri revved the engine and drove off.

While we were driving, I started to laugh.

"What's so funny, Ray?" Demitri looked at me.

"This entire situation."

"I don't think anything about it is funny." he eyed me.

"Well… it's just that a couple of years ago, we were in a plain high school drama. Then in college, we continued to date, and we both had normal lives. But now, you're almost the world's top person. You own a humongous company, you're basically famous, and you have reporters and paparazzi stalking and following you." I giggled. "I don't know… it's sort of cool." I smiled at him.

"I just want my normal life back. A private one… so I can spend it with you." Demitri sighed.

"You can still spend your not private life with me, Demitri." I leaned over and quickly hugged him.