The next morning, I woke up and as I checked the mail… there was an invitation. She really loved torturing people. It was a pale shade of pink invitation that had a ribbon tied with her and Demitri's name on it. It had the place and time and a picture of the two.

I sighed to myself as I just went back into the house. Even though Demitri had worked out everything and we had gone back to normal… the wedding would officially end all of that. The entire week was dull. Everything was black and white. There was no life… no color. I had lost my appetite and will to do anything. The fact that the person I loved most would soon be married off to someone else, let alone a spoiled and princess bitch, ruined everything in my life. As Sunday approached, I looked at the invitation…

What the hell… I might as well see him for the last time.

Sunday morning, I took a shower and put my hair into slight curls and clipped it towards the back with diamond barrettes. Then I took out a pale blue dress that had a v-neck cut and clung to my waist and flowed down from hips to my mid-thighs. I put on a pair of white heels with rhinestones on them. I slipped on the jewelry my parents had given me and lastly put on some make-up. Then I went out and drove the car that Andy had just left at my house to where the wedding was at. Ever since that time… Andy had never showed up again… He had gradually just disappeared. The only thing I had left that proved he ever was a part of my life was the car. But, I owed it to him that I could hang on for that long while I was hurting Demitri and also hurting myself…

I parked the car and stepped out and walked on a pathway made with rocks as flowers and paradise-like plants grew all around.

The entrance of the grand hotel was enormous and vast. The ballroom of the hotel was gorgeous… it had a huge diamond chandelier that gave off a bright and warm light. The chairs were set up all facing the alter and there were decorations clinging onto them. The carpet was a pure white and there were white roses all over the place.

I looked around and everyone was sitting down. And there I saw him… Demitri. I saw him in his wedding suit. I had always thought and imagined that I would see that vision… except that it would be next to me, not someone else.

I caught his gaze… his face went from shock to terror to pain. I felt the tears come and I felt the rip in my chest, but I just gave him my strongest smile. I looked away right as my eyes began to water and I sat down. I could feel his eyes questioning me 'Why the hell did you come here?', so I just kept my head down or looked around elsewhere.

I just sat and waited while others were bustling around doing who knows what. Then finally, everyone had settled down, and the wedding march started to play.

Every chord that was being played… my heart wrenched in pain. Then the grand doors opened and there was the princess. Elizabeth White Delaney… in her wedding dress. She got Demitri's parents on her side, the love of my life, and the wedding dress.

She reached the bottom of the steps to the altar and was looking at Demitri with a happy and carefree smile… Demitri looked solemn and dull. He took her hand and led her up the steps to the altar. Then the priest asked the question if anyone wanted to object.

Then a hand rose.