These Four Walls


These four walls

are too small

to hold all

of me

thoughts swirling madly

a maelstrom of sound

I'm screaming

but nobody hears a thing


feet plodding

squelch, splat

sneakers sink in mud

the remnants

of melted snow

that was so beautiful and clear


A rare thing

Once found, it quickly disappears

melts into puddles of mud

confused, messy

Raindrops create rivers

coursing down

trembling lips

face upturned to meet

Wide. Open. Sky.

with room enough

for madness to escape

Soaring away through the grey

skies, and losing itself

in tree-shrouded mountains

misty airs hide him there

I plod along

wondering where it's gone

the madness of my mind

spinning, flying, whirling

filling muggy air with warm, wet

Raindrops falling

Muddy boots

left by the door

their owner hidden away

in the dry and warm folds

of soft blankets

but on her pillow

some rain still falls

silently showering

the foggy plain

'twixt life and dreams

my head on a soggy pillow

But nobody sees me.

These four walls

hide the madness

Nobody sees me.