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The walls placed before my broken mind never changes. I stare at its horrid color but it doesn't make anything change. My eyes are heavy, aching from staring at this wall, hard to keep open. They feel swollen but I can't stop watching the colorful wall.

My body is cold and my mind numb, but that damn wall. The color is so vivid it reminds me of something that has been eating at my mind. My fingers are not my own and don't wish to cooperate.


I cringe back, my mind screaming, my eyes tearing away from the wall. That's what the wall reminds me off. I didn't want to remember this.

The door opened, hinges screaming, but I never looked up.

"Come along, boy."

What is it he's speaking? He's a demon, that's all I know.

"I said get up!" he yelled, his voice echoing off the walls of the room, coming right back to my ears that weren't listening.

The walls were laughing at me, the colors rolling before my eyes. It was covered in smirks that taunted me with its darkness.

Pain flashed through my face as the vampire struck me. My eyes watered, but I never looked away from the wall. I could taste blood fill my mouth and drip freely from my nose, staining my hands. The man drug me off the ground, but he couldn't make me respond let alone walk after him.

"Walk you dumbass!" he yelled, kneeing me in the stomach. Even a man as stupid as himself could tell he was getting no where with me, nothing would. I was too far gone from this world of pain and hell. He grabbed my arm, crushing my wrist as he drug me from the room made of blood.

I was blind to where we were going, just allowing myself to be drug alone. I'd given up, there was nothing left for life to offer, so why should I look for something not there.

He let me drop to my knees the second his grip faltered. I watched with unseeing eyes as he closed, and locked the door, my only escape.

We waited, or at least I could tell we were waiting by the impatient look on his face. The door swung open and a young man walked in with a pride to his step and superior look on his pale face.

His eyes were coal black as I was sure was his heart. His brown hair a boring color whisked back into a ponytail. His movements were quick and fluid, walking like a dancer made of elegance. A woman in the corner of the room swooned at his presence, but I shifted my hateful glance from her back to the man who now stood before me.

"Please, come sit with me," he said, softly. His hand elegantly swept over the table he was planning on sitting at. He stared at me, waiting for me to move, but there was no way in hell I was giving any piece of my mind to this horrid creature.

"I am talking to you, boy," he said, as if I my small mind could have been mistaken.

"Sir, I think he's turned dumb," the man who mercilessly drug me in here, suggested.

"How, may I ask, can you turn dumb?" the long haired vampire asked the other.

"Spend five minutes with him and you'll see I'm not lying!" the man said, quickly defending himself. After the elegant vampire began to grow irritated, his servant picked me up and set me in the chair.

"Wonderful," the vampire said, sliding in across from me, a malevolent smile spreading across his thin lips. "Tell me your name." Not a question, a harsh statement.

I watched my pale hands and never once gave him the satisfaction of my attention.

"Fine. Tell me where the other Hunters are."

I felt my hand shake, slightly out of fear, desperation, and craziness.

"Are you listening to me?" The man leaned closer, as if moving his flawless head could regain my attention. "Hey? What's so fucking interesting with your hands, listen to me!" he yelled.

Pain flared up my hand and into my arm. I didn't say a word, didn't even flinch, just looked down at my bleeding hand. A pen, the vampire had been holding was punctured all the way through my hand, into the wooden table my shaking fingers rested on.

The blood dripped, and I watched it, dripping, running away from my skin.

"You don't even flinch. I believe the boy has gone brain-dead."

In a flash of haste decision, I yanked the pen out and sank it into the man's throat, quicker than even he could register. He leaped out of the chair, barreling me to the ground in unadulterated anger, tearing into my arm.

My Hunter skills kicked in, throwing me into a wave of learned ways to get away from one of the undead. I kicked back, away from him and slammed my fist into the vampire's throat, burying the pen deeper.

Someone grabbed me with hands that determined to calm me, and tore me away from the lead vampire. My Hunter blood burning in my veins, evaporated, I couldn't focus on anything.

"He's already pissy, so you jab him with a pen?" the man holding me asked.

"That's right, hold him Leon, so I can fucking kill him!" the vampire hissed, ripping the pen from his throat as if it was a sliver. He flung it at the wall so hard it hit, splattering the wall with blood, then fell to the ground in a hundred tiny plastic pieces.

"No. How will you know anything about the Hunters if you kill the boy?" the vampire holding me asked.

"I don't give a shit!'

My arm was bleeding hard as was my hand, both coating the man that held me in the think stench of the stuff. I was light on my feet, finding it hard to keep myself up and balanced.

"You can't kill such a cute child," Leon said, his voice soft and even amused, which I was far from.

"I can if I want!"

Leon held me to him by one arm over my back, but even without that, I was gripping onto his shirt, staining it a deep red.

"He won't talk, he won't move, he won't eat. He's going to die anyway!" the man roared.

Leon's hand slid into my curly blond hair, grasping it so he could pull it down, in result exposing my face to him.

Leon himself had black hair that was long on the sides and back reaching just past his ears. The top was shorter, disheveled like he'd just got out of bed. He was maybe twenty-five when he died. He looked down at me and flickered his fingers in front of my blue eyes. I cringed away from him and since his arm had let go, I let myself drop.

He caught me before I hit the ground. "He's not going to tell you anything,' the jackass vampire said. "I've tortured, slaughtered his family, and he doesn't even flinch."

"So, Jasper, does it normal end with a pen in your throat?" Leon asked, smugly.

"Pretty close," the man who'd drug me in here said.

The man who was supposedly Jasper, turned quickly. "I'll kill you too!" he hissed.

"You, Jasper, settle down. I'll try to reason with the boy. You go get me something to close the cut up with. He'll bleed to death otherwise."

The man holding me eased me to the ground, where I faithfully stayed.

He didn't move far from me, wandering around the room, one greenish-gold eye on me. He returned with a towel that he pull tight around my wounded wrist.

"What's your name?" he asked, softly, but I ignored him as I did to the others. Instead watched my blood color the cloth.

I felt faint, ready to just lay down and give up, but Leon kept me up, not letting me down, while he urged the others to hurry.

When they returned, he unwrapped my wrist, jabbed my arm with needle that in seconds had my arm numb to any pain. Without skipping a beat, he stitched my arm up, an expert at his job.

"Come on," he said when he was done. He reached out for my hand but I wasn't going to give it to him. So, sighing, he reached my unwrapped arm, and pulled me up so he could carry me back to the room with the red walls that had begun to laugh harder at the situation I was in.

"I'll try to find you a good room," he promised, but demons don't promise nice things.

The second he left I pulled forth words that had been sitting heavy on me since Leon had said them…that I would bleed to death.

Without a thought, or pain, I worked the stitches until I had the wound bleeding excessively and it was about that time, that I hit the ground in a cloud of darkness.

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