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November 6, 2007

Two days?

It feels like I've been driving for years. I don't know what to do anymore…as if I knew what to do before. I haven't even left the state of my hometown. I think I've just been driving in circles. The car keeps reminding me that we're low on gas.

So…how far with two-hundred dollars get me, when gas is an arm-and-a-leg. (I could have given them Dad's leg if I'd been quicker after he shoved it through my window. Which by the way is letting in a cool breeze.)

A sigh escaped my lips as I pulled into the gas station somewhere in California. I don't know where to go, if I keep going straight, I'll be in the ocean soon and won't have to worry about the situation.

Every corner I take, I fear Dad will be behind it, waiting for me like in the Chainsaw Massacre. And to top it all off with a nice red cherry on top, my license is in Mom's purse.


I pull up beside the pump and start pumping. While waiting, I get Adeline out and she looks around with her big blue eyes that seem to see everything and nothing. Her head holds a small tuff of blonde hair, the same blonde that is now present in my own hair. She smiles about something and rips at my hair, laughing as I cry in pain.

The pump clicks and I head up to the gas station. I grab a pack of gum because for some reason, I'm able to calm myself down if I chomp it hard enough. It's like anger management. I kind of feel bad for the minty freshness being crushed by my evil teeth.

I walk up to a young man behind the counter. He looks as high as a balloon and lacking anything inside the skull that normally holds a brain. He just stares at me like I'm the stupid one.

"Excuse me?" I ask.

"Yeah?" He says it like I'm disturbing a movie he's intently watching or something.

My eyebrows rose in bewilderment. "I filled my car—"

"Yep, number one," he interrupted.

"How much do I owe?" I snapped. My mood was not good, no matter how hard I tortured the stick of gum. I'd slept in a car for one hour last night and woke up because I'd fallen on the steering wheel, setting the horn off.

He gave an exasperated sigh, like it took so much effort to sit on his ass and do a job he was being paid for. "$30.95."

I threw the money at him and left. I don't' think he had added the gum with it, so I had a sliver of satisfaction as I stuck Adeline in her care seat.

The second I sat down, it turned on a trigger.

The wailing child was at it again, on high.

"It's okay, honey," I said, handing her anything to make her happy.

It's not.

Okay that is.

She wouldn't stop crying unless I held her. Within an hour, I was crying, causing her to cry harder. It was driving me crazy and no matter what I did she just wouldn't stop!

In a rash decision, I yanked my car off the road and down a four-wheeler trail that led into a woods that I obviously didn't own. Causing it to be private property, but you know what?

I didn't care!

My car barely fit, but I drove through the trees until even a person with eagle eyes couldn't see me. I felt like hiding, from what I didn't know, I just wanted to be away from any human being.

I snatched Adeline and walked over to the whole reason I'd stopped. The ground dropped about four feet ahead of me, right off a cliff that could have been man made for all I knew. It dropped down far. I don't really know how far, remember, not good at Math?
About fifty feet from me, a bridge stretched across the crack in the earth, uniting the two lands. It had to be a beautiful view of the river below to be standing on that bridge. I wanted to go bask in the sun on that bridge with the water rushing bellow me, yet I couldn't with Adeline. I feared that something would happen.

Instead, I just sat down where I was and held the now sleeping child to my chest.

So…I'm writing this from in the hospital, yeah, that's right. Not for me!

Well…so I had fallen asleep. Still all's well and everything when something woke me up. Of course I thought it was a Mountain Lion coming to eat me. But no, thankfully. Instead it was a girl of about thirteen on the bridge, staring down at the water like she could see something interesting. I couldn't see her real well because a sweatshirt covered her face with the hood up.

At first it was like, 'oh shit, I'm on her property.' Well, until she climbed up onto the guardrail.

Than I was like, 'oh shit, she's going to fall'. Which of course she didn't.

She jumped.

I screamed something, but it was a mess of words that didn't even make since, and she was already a done deal. Adeline woke up in time to see me shove her into the car seat. Quickly, I dashed back to the edge to see if she was swimming. She should have been, if she hadn't aimed for the rock down there, the only damn rock. And she hit it.

Now she was floating.

"What's going on?" someone yelled, running up toward the bridge.

"She jumped," was all I sad as I took a running dive right off the edge.

I was flying through the cool air that whipped through my hair. Falling for a few seconds, long enough to decided that I didn't like it. The frigid water attacked my body and I yelped in my head (seeing as I couldn't open my mouth under water).

When I bounced to the surface, I ate the air up like I'd never seen such a thing. It tasted so good and the smell of the flowers danced around my nose. The water wasn't too bad either, or maybe it had just frozen my brain enough?

Either way, it was about then that I remembered I wasn't floating in the water for the hell of it. I dived into the water, fighting the current until brought myself closer to the girl. The current fought back against my body just as hard, it felt like I wasn't going anywhere.

I took a breath, and ended up with a mouthful of water. Yeah, the water was pretty to look at, but I wouldn't advise it to anyone.

When I jumped off the cliff, I decided I should have jumped a little closer to the girl, because by the time I reached her, I was exhausted.

I grabbed the girl and pulled her to me. Blood ran down her head, but she was still faintly breathing. A smile of success reached my face and I took a breath as I waded out farther.

"Over this way!" the man yelled, pointing up the stream. "There's a place you can crawl up."

Great, I have to go through the water as it pushes me back. My body was exhausted as I drug the unresponsive girl through the water that kept dragging me down.

I looked up in happiness as I saw the older boy running down a trial that led to the water. Why she couldn't have taken it was beyond me.

He was halfway down by the young girl onto the shore. Quickly I began giving her CPR, which I only half knew how to do. But after a few unforgiving moments, she began to throw up the yummy water everywhere.

Without acknowledging the man, I picked the girl up and began my climb.

"I can grab her!" he said, doing just that and I gladly let him.

"My…car…is…right up…there," I said, hungry for more air.


"Hm…" the girl mumbled. "Don't….tell…Daddy."

"I won't."

"Jace?" she asked.

"Sore wan an desu ka?" he asked.

She didn't answer. "Little Asian boy, maybe if you spoke English, she'd answer."

He looked over at me and my heart was a fluttering, more than it already was. Boy was he gorgeous. "She's unconscious," he said.

"Yeah, I hope you know where a hospital is."

"Yes, thank you very much. I can't believe you jumped off to save her," he said, smiling softly at my admirable behavior.

I wanted to puff my chest out and try to look all spectacular, but God was I dying.

"Yeah well…I normally act before I think," I admitted.

I could hear Adeline's cry break through the silence. "Just follow the cries and you'll find my car!'

Which we did. I pulled open the back door, and Adeline stopped to watch us. The boy pulled himself inside with the girl, and I jumped into the driver's seat. But one quick look around, told me there was no way I could reposition my car to get it facing the opposite direction. So, I stuck it in reverse and headed backwards, through all the curves.

I have to admit, I think I did a pretty damn good job. Didn't smack my car on one tree, through a four-wheeler trail, and out onto the road, all going in reverse. When I got onto the road I looked at the Asian guy, trying not to show him how I was beaming in pride. "Where now?"

"Turn left," he said brushing a hand through his black hair. I was guessing him to be twenty-six…but I've never been real good with ages. (I blame it on Math!)

I turned left and put it in drive for the first time.

"That was pretty good, getting us out here," he said, looking impressed.

Thank you," I said, smugly grinning.

After a mile, I saw a sign to the hospital and took it.

"How's she doing?" I asked.

"Bleeding a lot, but that's normally what head wounds do."

I pulled into the parking lot and parked it. "I'll help you get in."


I reached back and grabbed Adeline as I ran off to the front doors, so I could pull them open for the guy who was currently carrying the girl. As the boy walked through, the girl mumbled something, but never really opened her eyes.

A nurse raced up, eager to see what was going on. "What happened?" she asked. And I instantly thought.

Sweet, it's like Grey's Anatomy.

"Ask her," the guy said, nodding at me, like he hadn't seen it all. He probably could tell the story better seeing as he was watching the scene from and overhead view where I mostly got a view of water in my mouth every five seconds.

I looked up at her. "I was…" Trespassing, "out by the river. I don't know where it's at, I was just passing through town." I'm rambling. "And to make a long story short, a girl walks up to a bridge and just…hops off."

"What's her name?"


"You are…?" the nurse in blue asked the guy.

"Her tutor. She's in my care at the moment."

Not very good care if I may add.

"Well, I'll get going then…" I tried to turn around and escape but the man caught my arm.

"Please stay incase there's more questions to ask you."

So…now I'm sitting in the waiting room bored out of my mind, arm going to sleep because of Adeline. The nurse and th4e Asian guy are walking toward me now. Damn, right when I finally got the demon child to sleep. Just joking!

I love you Adeline!

A few minutes later I was back into conversation with them.

"Abbie's going to be fine, thanks to you," the cute guy said.

Anything for you my love. "Oh, it was nothing, really," I said, grinning like the idiot I am.

"What's your name?" the nurse asked kindly.

"Uh…Yurie." Where did that come from?

"Thank you again. I'm Jace. You said you were passing through town or…"

"Yeah me and my…" I can't say sister. "…daughter were going to our house. My husband is complaining that I've been gone to long."

They were both giving me a…yep that's a 'she's weird' look that I've come to know. It's the custom look people give me.

But only the nurse had the balls to ask. "How old are you?"
"Eighteen, why?"

She shrugged, and I left. Sorry pretty boy. I need to get back to my 'husband' that loves me so.

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Sore wan an desu ka means: what is it?

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