You look out the window.
You lock the door.
While the day goes by,
while you sit on the floor.
You know people care,
you hear their pained cries.
Yet you let no one in.
Just sat with a sight.
After a while they all gave up,
but I stayed true.
Beating the door,
Hoping for you.
You finally get up
and walk to the window,
crack it a little.
Then began to fiddle.
We began to talk
of this and that.
Yet you let nothing slip
while we sit.
You asked if I would be back
and I promised I would.
You said you'd be waiting,.
This time you opened the window more.
I came every day,
Each day there was less window.
Till one day it was gone.
You bore your self,
in front of my eyes.
Asking for acceptance,
and standing with pride.
I gave you a hug,
with tears in my eyes.
Words could not describe,
what I felt inside.