If it were up to me

we'd stay outside forever,

sixteen sunsets and a missing sunrise

daisy chains and hitched up smiles

little kids again

oh-so intrepid, brave adventurers

i don't wanna go home, not yet

come for me later i'm busy

conquering the world

we're captains of styrofoam ships;

egypt, paris, london

puerto rico, manila, quebec

new territories, land ahoy!

building castles out of sticks

out of stones

wearing finger folded crowns and flowing capes

big smiles, where're you front teeth?

we don't burn under the sun, but if we did

it'd be okay because we'd just peel

and be fresh and clean and shiny

and pink and new and flushed

i can't tie my shoelaces-

bow them up, braid my hair

and i'll put a feather in yours and you'll

teach me how to count

we'll make a king out of you yet,

hold your hand, show your your kingdom

loyal subjects frozen in stone,

pointed hats, felt shoes

watch the sixteenth sunset over plastic square dominions

funny shadows cast by the bumps and the sticks

wiping the sleep ad stardust from our eyes

still holding your hand

still waiting for that sunrise

still can't tie my shoelaces