My Stage

My spotlight
Look at me, don't look past me
Really look at me.
See the invisible girl you always passed over in the past
Get an idea of the woman I am capable of being

My release
Let me not be me
Give me a moment, an hour, a day
Not drift into the background
An explosion of pent up-emotion

My mask
This is not simply a character
This is a facet of me
More me than I could ever be
The character holds a piece of me

My drug
My addiction
I need this- the more I have, the more I love
Can't you understand that?
This keeps me sane

My anti-drug
My safety net
My straight and narrow
This is not just fun for me
This is my life

My love
Passion, ecstasy, a rush
A climax
More intimate than possible between two people
Me and my audience, and I've put it all on the line

My sorrow
Everything that hurts
Every tear, every scream
It all goes in and look at what comes out
Creation where there was destruction

My joy
Every dream
Every friend
Everything positive goes in
And it is amplified

My theatre
Put me on the stage
Let me be the star
You want to understand me?
Curtain up, light the lights

This Is My Life