Her eyes that gleamed in sunlight.
An expression so bright and cheery,
But beneath that phony smile Was a girl filled up with misery.
The one she loved had hurt her,
He crushed her heart on purpose.
Though after all the crying,
Her love for him still surfaced.
He hated her with passion,
But she never cared,
And since she always smiled,
Her secret was kept and spared.
When she heard his favorite love song,
She'd sing until she cried,
Her voice would crackel with sorrow,
And tears would swell her eyes.
Those pictures of them smiling Would make her love him more,
But one day when she lost it,
She thought that was the only core.
That girl was once I.
My love for that man never left.
Although some memories faded,
His face was as clear as his theft.
Yes he stole my heart,
He took it with him forever,
And although I'll leave him unnamed,
I'll say that he was clever.
The guy that I speak of,
He eventually disappeared.
But his song is now my ringtone,
And so now my mind is clear.