A young girl In a crazy high school world.
Full of bullies, nerds, goths, preps,
And all of that.
She's barely a freshman
Though she thinks she's on top.
She wants to fly,
But she can't even flap her wings yet.
That little girl Thinks she's a "teen"
But she's not.
So young, so naive,
It makes you want to help her,
But you know she has to get through it
Alone Like everyone has,
With no friends,
No experience,
No love,
No nothing.
Little girl,
Why do you think so big,
When you are so small?
I want to help you,
But I-
I am the same.
I am young like you,
I think like you,
And I am you.
Why must the world
Be so cruel to us?
Why must we endure the pain?
Because that's where we all start out.
So young,
And so naive.
I must try to spread my wings now,
I must fall,
And I must try again.