Your eyes are screaming profanities

That relentless gaze, condemning me

Then they're empty

Completely devoid of negative emotion

Not forgiven though, not forgotten.

Our perpetual stubbornness

Ruining us, disagreement after disagreement

Still, magnetically attracted to you

Our prides are equally strong

Compromise isn't our strong suit

Our relationship is intermittently shrouded

By the cold air of difference

Still, the heat from your smile

The electric from your fingertips

As they lock with mine

The melodious sound of your heartbeat

Not a thing feels comfortable

When you're not in my presence

We're at opposite ends

We're opposing magnets

Love is our adhesive

Pushing us, keeping us

Revolving around each other's current

Without you

Loneliness would envelope me

Hang heavy over my being

The distraction of loss

It'd be unspeakably unbearable

We're a fight worth fighting

For every disagreement would be profitable

If it meant I could still hold your hand