He sat at his desk, red pen in hand, feverously scribbling positive and negative marks on the paper. I stood a safe distance away watching. When he was deeply self absorbed in his work, I knew not to bother him.

He wore his black smoking jacket, beige chinos, black converse along with his dark framed glasses he involuntarily pushed up his nose from time to time.

A cigarette hung loosely from his nimble fingers, which he occasionally took long drags blowing the smoke out of his nose with the occasional smoke ring.

He raised his right hand and with one long slender finger, fixed a spike, he somehow knew was out of place, among the other raven black spikes.

He turned over the page and the process began again. His eyes darting across the page, line by line, word by word. The information being sorted and processed as quick as he read it. He was amazing.

"Come over here" he growled.

I complied, jumping off the couch and sprinting to the front of his desk, happy to be worthy of his attention while he worked. He never acknowledged my existence when he worked.

I stood rigid to attention like a solider waiting to be called to enter No Man's Land.

I fidgeted with the frills of the skirt he made me wear, waiting…

He glanced up then back down to his work.

"I said come over here" he growled once more.

I jumped and ran to his side.

He dropped the pen and held out his hand as if waiting for something.

"Arm" he said bluntly.

I placed my hand nervously in his grasp. He yanked my arm hard in front of him.

He took a long drag, gently blowing the smoke on the inner side of my arm.

He ran his ashen fingers over the main vain, jutting from my muscle.

"Such sallow skin" he whispered almost inaudible.

I didn't respond, knowing its better for my well being not to.

His calm green eyes met mine, and he smiled gently at me. Maybe he wasn't in that place…

When, out of no where, he sunk the lit cigarette deep into the vain. I collapsed with pain as he held it in place, not relenting.

"How do you like that!" he roared.

I realised that his mood had reached an extremely dark place and I was at the tail end of it.

It burned deep into my flesh, pain searing up my arm, down through the rest of my body.

I bent my head towards his lap and cried into his chinos. He moved the cigarette up to the crook of my arm, plummeting it into my skin.

"Aw, why are you crying?" he taunted. "Is Sir not playing nice? Maybe if someone had of done what they were told when I told them!"

"I'm…I'm sorry" I whimpered.

"You should be, wasting my time like that, who do you think you are!"

I could feel his gaze melting into the back of my head. I looked up and met his fierce gaze. His eyes looked different, clouded.

I should have been used to it, but I couldn't prepare for when he would snap so it always shocked me.

"C'mon, get off me, your distracting me from my work"

He pushed my arm away and turned back to his papers.

I clambered up and started staggering out when he called me back.

"Redo the essay, don't make me have to do this again." he sneered.

He pushed his glasses back up and I walked into the bathroom, emerging ten minutes later to find him waiting behind his desk with a big smile and his divine clear green eyes I fell in love with, and the voice that made my stomach jump every time he spoke.

"Time for grinds!"