The fluffy greyish clouds rolled by the considerably large glass window pane that exposed the black, suede sofa which I lay on lazily reading a book. I sighed loudly, idly tucking my arm under my head. My eyes glazed over the page, barely taking in all the words. Heavy set, dark smudges etched under my eyes, showed the stress I was trying to cope with. Long, arduous nights left laying there waiting for sleep that never came. Staring at the blank ceiling slipping slowly into madness.

Then I heard something. The creaking of an object as the pressure of a body positions itself on it. I didn't look up from my book assuming it was just a shift in weight on my bookshelf. But then, soft notes began to slip into my ears. One…then another…followed by two…one…three…silence. I closed my book, rubbed my tired eyes letting my vision become clear before confirming what I thought I'd heard.

I looked adjacent to the sofa where I sat and saw him sitting there. His perfect posture made me feel rigid. His nimble fingers ran gently over the striking white and black keys, taking in every note, every sound. I sat up looking straight at his side profile. He didn't look at me, just kept running his fingers over the keys.

I stared at him totally in adoration. He was such an amazing person, I was lucky to be in the presence of such a genius.

He rested his hands flat on his legs, staring intently at the wall straight ahead of him. I assumed he was going to be there for a while so I settled back into my seat and opened the book again.

But just as I started the next chapter, notes began to filter through the air.

I listened as his song began to flood the room around me.

It was so soothing.

As he played, I could feel my eyelids beginning to droop over my eyes, but I was determined not to fall asleep. If I did, his song would be played in vain, like that of a nightingale.

I yawned and again rubbed my sleep deprived eyes. But I felt his eyes fall on me as he continued to play.

As I listened, sleep seemed more prominent. I felt like I was fighting and losing battle. His song pulsed through my veins, disproving every other song I'd ever heard in my whole life.

It was so haunting, yet so beautiful. Each individual note was in perfect time, tempo and rhythm with the note previous, and after. I knew it had to end sometime but I didn't want it to. It was like a dream, how prefect it was. I wondered where he had gotten the inspiration for it, or if he had written it prior, or had he just started playing it off the top of his head.

But the music pushed these thoughts out of my head as I could feel myself relax and sleep beginning to overwhelm my whole body. I lay down more on the couch and my eyes began to shut slowly, only for a moment. I opened them like I wanted to see the music float in front of me. But slowly they shut again and I could feel myself drifting off. I noticed the music beginning to fade into the back of my mind, but soon I could not hear it anymore. I was to asleep, but still aware of his presence at the piano. Then I felt something light on my forehead and a whisper that was sweeter than the music that I had the pleasure of listening to.

"Hope you liked your lullaby sailor, I wrote it just for you. I love you." he whispered softly rubbing my hair gently. I felt him lean down, press his face into my hair and inhale. He kissed me softly and silently left the room.