She stretched out across the couch, feeling her blood flow freely through every vein in her body. She let out a sigh, partly because she was frustrated and partly because she was board. She wasn't used to being ignored until she met Gerry. She was used to non stop attention for doing nothing, because she was just that type of person. She could get it if she wanted it, but she didn't because she always knew the option was there. But now she found herself wanting and needing and not getting or even having the option. So she had to learn quick, but the problem was, she was still only learning.

He had played with her mind and created her as a new person. Only wanting him, and willing to do anything to have him. He would ignore her, savagely beat her, force her to do anything he told her to and she would do it without any protest.

Gerry was busy, again. Which meant she was left at the side, disregarded. She leaned her head back over the arm of the couch and caught sight of him, sitting at his desk, surrounded by papers. His head was bent to the side, held up by his hand as he feverously scribbled. She sighed louder thinking he's look up and notice her. He didn't.

She turned her head away annoyed, and stared at the ceiling. She'd try again.

"Gerr Bear…" she purred. "I'm so lonesome in here, where's my big bad bear when I need him?" she cooed.

He ignored her, why did she expect any other reaction?

She folded her arms and pouted. She would have to keep trying, she needed this. When it came to sex, Gerry was a machine, in both senses. He could go weeks without getting any and it wouldn't bother him. He hadn't thrown her a bone in weeks, and since it was summer, she had a lot of time to kill.

"Honey bear?" she said getting off the couch. She stood silently in the archway of the door.

Again, he didn't even notice she was there, just continued to inscribe the page.

She sauntered over and knelt down at the front of his desk, resting her arms on the finely finished wood, folded on top of each other.

"Whatcha doing Gerr bear?"

He shivered at the sound of her voice.

"Swing dancing. Wanna give me a little room?" he sneered.

She laughed gingerly. "My Gerry is so funny"

He looked at her from over his glasses and furrowed his brow.

"You know, honey…" she started.

He sighed deeply and threw the pen on the desk.

"What? What do I know?" he said frustrated.

"I was only saying, you could take a break if ya wanted…" she said quietly wringing her fingers.

"Daddy is very busy, and doesn't have time for your games, pumpkin"


He shot her a cold fleeting look then went back to his papers.

She would have to change tactics. She propped herself back up and walked behind the desk to stand next to him. She gently placed her hands on his shoulders and began kneading his back carefully. He tensed up and she knew he would swing at her any minute.

"You know, your right. How selfish of me to demand your precious time when it is clearly needed somewhere else. After all, we cant have that magnificent mind you possess, go to waste can we?"

His muscles in his back began to relax, so encouraged, she leaned down, resting her chin on his shoulder and continued to talk.

"Remember that time, you told me about, when your were at that conference. Another lecturer was giving it loads to this group of people, and you overheard it and his facts and dates were all wrong? Remember that?"

She could a see a flicker of a smile opening across his face. She could work with this.

"And you, knowing you were right, stormed through his little audience and interrupted.

You asked him to repeat what he just said and corrected him on everything he got wrong. Everyone stood around and listened to you instead. And you got a bigger audience. Remember? What was it you were talking about? The fall of Stalin was it?" she chirped, knowing very well what he talked about.

"The fall of Hitler bumpkin" he corrected.

"That's right how silly of me" she giggled.

She moved her hand so it resting in the middle of his chest. He placed one hand on top of hers as she moved on to another story.

"Did I ever tell you about the time, I snuck out of my history lecture to go to yours?"

He spun around so he was facing her. He pulled her down to sit on his lap and she snuggled into his chest.

"You did? I never knew that, you sly little kitty" he smiled.

"Yes, my lecturer was so boring. He didn't know anything" she said accenting the 'anything'

"Not like my Gerr Bear, who you could ask anything and he'd know the answer." she whispered.

"Go on, sailor" he said with a sense of pride in his voice.

She knew she had him when he called her by her favourite nick name.

"I knew you had a lecture on that day so I snuck in. As I recall you were giving a passionate speech about the rise and fall of Caesar and the Roman Empire."

"Very good, you were listening" he smirked.

"Of course I was listening. Everyone was hanging on your every word." she cooed moving her hand down to his belt buckle and lightly fidgeting with it.

She was careful not to take her eyes off him, in case she made it too obvious. But he didn't seem to mind.

"Your astounding when you start lecturing. I felt I wasn't even worthy to sit there in your presence and listen to you."

His smile grew wider, and he eased up more. He hadn't even noticed she had opened his belt buckle and undid his zip.

"That's taking it a bit far…" he said testing her.

"No its true. Your were just that astonishing." she said slipping her hand into his trousers.

"That's why every day I count myself lucky that I'm with you. You could have any girl you wanted. But you choose me and I never forget how lucky I am" she said gently rubbing him, while looking up at him through long seductive lashes.

His smile grew and she felt him grab her hips. He jumped out of his chair, pinning her to the ground.

"You sure know how to get my going, pumpkin." he said hastily unzipping her jeans.

Before she knew what was happening, he was spreading her legs with his own.

Suddenly, as he began to grind her she realised, she had just learned the greatest lesson of all. You don't seduce him through his trousers, you do it through his ego.