I am proud to say even thought this is like bragging, I do practice wushu and sanshou. Man...that sounded so braggart-ish but I can't help it but be proud! Sorry, hehe.

Names have been changed to protect identities and to not violate the TOS thing about privacy.

Note: Keep in mind that this was a dream so there are things that are very unlogic.

It was yet another day in my wushu school when I finish class all sweaty and I have to sit and wait for one of my parents to pick me up. If only my friends haven't left already but despite the fact that I sound so bored and hating it. I actually loved this place.

I yawned and stood up. I was sitting next to the office since this place was just a third floor in a pretty tall building not too big, it was a rectangle then another rectangle in the training area just in front of where I was sitting and I was sitting in a edge of the long row of seats right next to the office. To my surprise, I didn't see the office, I saw the street and a the Colosseum right in the middle of it, yes, THE Colosseum in the middle of the street and the street was just right in front that you could step on solid urban paved ground and just looking up you can see the night sky full of stars and the moon when I'm suppose to be in the 3rd floor of a building.

I was really surprised when I pinched myself and walked out of the "office" or in...but I just don't know. I checked from inside of the school that I was in the third floor, high above ground and went back into the "office" or colosseum or whatever just to once again see myself on someplace like a first floor inside of the office or outside, I just don't know, it was inside of the office yet it was outside since I was not sheltered in there.

I needed the heaviest punch from a black belt to come back to reality if this wasn't real...but thinking about the bright side, I was extremely bored so maybe I could explore around and wonder if it's just a weird dream or someone drugged me.

I walked into the the Colosseum and ended up in a small rectangle room with a wooden bunk, a tv, and some door that only god may know where it leads.

Geez, and to think that I would be in a arena...

Deciding to go back out, I checked another room just to find another one exactly the same, then another, and another, and another till I came across one of my classmates. He was blonde, really tall yet skinny but has a red belt, it was my...simple acquaintance, Brad. He was a Brad Pitt, I guess...but he was just really sexy.

I had always thought that he was cute till I found out that he was one year younger than me, he was 12 but I don't know if he has already turned 13. I still think that he's sorta cute and strong despite the fact that he lacked muscles. Since he was a blonde boy with both brain AND brawn, I thought that he would be more of a organized Megaman rather than a Messaman.

I didn't want to interrupt his soccer game or whatever he was watching so I quickly ran out and continued circling the Colosseum just to find that there were other people here too and they were high leveled. Each of them with belt staring from purple which is just 4 levels below black.

Then I entered a weird suspicious room that seemed to have a different aura, if you could call it that way, just to find myself stranded in a wrecked ship and I'm being totally literal. I had to admit that I am a bit frightened till I saw Juan, the laziest guy in school and it was unfair that he was more skilled than me when I spend all day long even on vacation practicing while he lazed around but now let's just forget that. He seemed really calmed or maybe he just couldn't form the scare face because it was too much of a drag for him. That had always been his excuse even for practicing taolu or fighting.

"Juan? What are you doing here?" I didn't have to speak too loud, the sea was silent yet the water kept on rocking the ship and thunders kept striking but none hitting the ship. It was literally, the dead sea.

"Just checking out the dorm, this place sucks."

"You aren't staying?"

"Psssh, those are for the snotties that thinks too high of themselves."

He had always been such a hypocrite but it made me laugh and I loved that about him, yet I still want to strangle him to death.

Meh...he's nice. I stood silently for a moment then left the ship via teleporting suddenly without warning and unconsciously.

I was back in the school and my mother was here and also my teacher that was just done with sanshou class. I told my mother that I wanted to stay, my life seemed boring and this seemed exciting.

"I'll assign you to..." I hoped for Brad and the moment that I kept on hoping to end up in his room, time had frozen till I stopped thinking "Brad." He finally said. BOOYAH FOR ME! I love it when my thoughts come true.

I immediately went to the room I was staying but stopped the moment I stood in front of the opening of the room. Brad turned to me, his gaze fixed on me instead of whatever he was watching on TV that sucked up every single drop of his attention.

The silence didn't last a second but he was a simple guy "Hi." He said tersely, he was very simple. I just smiled a bit but not too much, just a barely noticeable smile to not be rude and stepped in, but god his room was so messy that I accidentally kicked one of his bags with the first step I took into the room.

"Oooh, watch out." He stood up from the bunk and grabbed his bags and put them aside then kicked out of the way one of his boxers which wasn't very nice of him to have thrown out in the room.

I wished to change clothes but he was a guy, even thought he's one year younger than me or maybe we're now the same age since the last time I asked for his age was approximately 6 months ago.

I jumped into the top bunk trying to put an end to those thoughts and get some sleep in my uniform and belt still on and then I just closed my eyes and I was awake once more in the next day.

I woke up at 7 a.m, I always woke up on that hour to go to school but I did that too on vacations. I jumped off the bunk and noticed that Brad wasn't around so I walked out the dorm and into the office and back ot the normal building just to see that it was taichi class which I thought that it was suppose to be at 9. Everyone else had already eaten, changed, and well basically the logical morning routine that anyone hygienic knows about.

The day was boring and ended fast till at night when Brad showed me where the door in our room led to.

"This place leads to the bathroom." He opened the door revealing a passage way that was pretty cramp that I had to walk in by my side. The end wasn't far so I could see that it was a dead end but midway, there was a roomier hallway that led to a door and that door led to the bathroom.

I didn't need to used it right now so I turned around and saw my nephew there, he ran around then disappeared and thank god that he isn't able to bother me so I turned back to the bathroom but feeling someone was behind me, I turned around again and saw my niece, she was just 2 years old so she's really tiny but she was able to carry 6 blades with one hand but those blades were fake. They are the one that are in the training room but they were plastics and I noticed that one of them wasn't dull but it wasn't sharp either. It was actually some hard plastic just slightly broken that it was like a broken bottle so it could cut and I had to snatched it off her hands before she hits someone with it but when I approached, she attacked me with a totally dull one but it hurt like hell, just because it was dull doesn't mean that it couldn't hurt. It could be hard, you know.

"OW!" I fell on the ground and she continued hitting me with the blades, one by one she kept on slicing my gut with them and with each blade she used, it got sharper and it almost cut me till I saw her about to use the sharp blade.

Since it was a life or death situation or maybe a situation of not wanting me to have a bloodshed, I went berserk for a second, blockin away the pain, and snatched that blade off of her hand and she stared at me and I blinked and she was gone.

After that experience, I would never EVER come back here again so I got out and went to sleep but this time I set my alarm to 6 a.m. since 7 wasn't early enough.

I woke up and to my surprise, I was actually late but it was 6 a.m. though.

"UGH!" Frustrated, I walked out and to the dressing room inside of the school instead of the Colosseum dorm thing and walked forward to the hallway next to the training area which used to lead to a dressing room.

Instead of a dressing room, I was in the kitchen where my teacher, his wife, my roomate, and other classmates were. No one bothered saying anything to me. I just stood still for a short moment before I noticed that there was 2 bathrooms. I entered and found myself in a non-private bathroom. It had 4 rows of toilets but you laid down to pee or poo instead or whatever you needed to do. It was like those seats in the beach and it was comfortable. Funny ain't it?

"Hehehe." I heard some giggles but ignored them and I thought about taking a bath since there was a pretty clean bathtub in the room.

"Hahahahaha." the laughers were a bit louder and one boy and one girl came in laughing then they used the toilets.

...Never mind, it's better to not take a bath. So I just got out and took a seat when in the cramped rectangular table.

My bowl was served with rice only and some chopstick, it felt just like home but there wasn't my mom to tell me to eat meat.

"NO!" My teacher shouted "You will not! I am better, you know what? Once you are done eating, let's go to the training room and take your sword with you!" He was staring at Arcelia, a eleven year old at purple belt level. I think that she and the teacher are suppose to be related in a way, niece and uncle I think...but wow, I just couldn't believe that he was shouting at her that way and she was also my best friend.


"NO BUTS, ARCELIA! I've lost my appetite!" He used his empty bowl to hit the table then left the room. A moment later, everyone was silent and no one moved a muscle but then everyone left except for Arcelia, Brad, and I.

"..." She quietly stood up and seemed to be in the verge of tears. She didn't look up and was about to leave the room.

"Hey..." Brad stopped her by putting a hand on her shoulder "You can do it."

"No, I can't! You are just one level below black and even you can't beat him!" She was right, I did want to cheer her on but fighting with a teacher is totally fatal, even Dan, the #1 student that recently became a co-teacher here couldn't defeat him, and Arcelia was a purple belt, she wasn't even 3 months away from brown.

"Oh yes, you can! Look, he's your uncle. He won't make it too hard for you."

"Yeah...just like how he made me do the ultimate punishment of 500 squats." She said sarcastically, not on the ultimate punishment because the strongest punishment IS 500 squats, she meant that Brad was crazy for thinking that her uncle would show her mercy when he is able to punish her anytime and whenever he wanted but Brad chuckled at her comment.

"Arcelia, you can do it. You're gonna use the blade, just slice him and you'll win." She smiled and seemed to have already changed her mood completely.

"Yeah...you're right...I mean, how hard can it be?" They both laughed heartily but as for me. It was sort of disappointing. These few days, I wasn't sure but now I am sure that I did fall in love with Brad. I just couldn't believe it since he was just 12 but it didn't matter, I don't care too much about him even if he's really sexy and all.

"Hahahaha! I'm gonna go beat him!" Brad and Arcelia bear hugged then they walked side by side in a manly friendly way, they both had one arm around each others' neck. They left the kitchen and went to the training room and pretty much seemed to not have noticed me.

Well, I had nothing to do so I left but something was missing. Maybe it's just Brad that was missing from my life, hehe, no...

WAIT! NO! SCHOOL! ACADEMIC SCHOOL! It has been 2 or 3 days! What will I tell my teachers? "I couldn't help but stay in my wushu school."?

Oh hohoho! NO! But thinking about it...I guess it's better to just get it over with. I wouldn't be able to get an education here after all and I am not planning to grow up into a beggar or working in a circus.

I quickly rushed down the stairs and to my house. I went as fast as I could, everything zapped by, I went so fast that it felt like I haven't blinked and before I knew it. I was at home and next to my mother that was crying and didn't seem to see me.


"Why did I say that? Why did I let you go there?" She said, still not looking at me, it seemed like she was talking to me but she always talked that way so it was more like she didn't know that I was around...or did she?

"Mom, I'm home." She sobbed a bit louder. It was just so heart-breaking. I guess I should have done what Juan did.

Brad actually liked Arcelia, my best friend, I skipped school for 2 days, and my mother is crying and I don't know what to do now.

Everything has ended but it ended tragically for me. It was all to my disappointment.

A person said that Brad is a total Gary Stu, forgive me for that but since I know him in real life he's not a Sue in my eyes and I hope that you get what I mean, he is one of the best student in wushu school but he lacks flexibility and I know that he's fairly good(not perfect) at his normal school which I don't know of and he's really sexy because even older girls say that about him.