The tip of the small ship broke the ocean water, foam forming around in thick puffs of white around the rotting wood, as it continued onwards to reach shore. The men aboard grunted and cursed as they bumped into each other in the cramp place they currently had. No matter how much they shifted it seemed they could never get comfortable much less even sit. Their bare feet, since most of them were not fortunate to still have shoes, clenched and unclenched as they tried to keep their dirty toes warm. For most of the journey they stood, staring out to the sea, unmoving. Empty, fathomless eyes stared without flinching as the ship carried them towards the war that they all were preparing to fight. Salty breezes brushed their dirty faces and tugging at their raggedy shirts and ripped breeches. Desperate men had no need for rest.

For the sake of their loved ones and everyone that are dear to them, they would continue forward even if they had no arms to fight with. They would bite and kick if they had to. As they continued forward, the light brown of a shore began to reveal itself in the distance, causing all the men to clench their jaws and tighten their hands on the small farming appliances that would be their weapons. Most of the men carried sticks, dirtied from the mud and sweat that had gathered on it from the years of farming, that it was supposed to be used for. From keeping up the scarecrow up in their fields or the end of a broom, they had gathered what they could, as fast as they could. The more fortunate managed to gather the equipment that they hadn't been forced to sell, so they could eat, the light glints of the blade from their scythes comforted them in the most disturbing of ways. But the list of objects gathered did not end there, the bows that they often used to hunt birds, the hunting knife that they used to gut deer to rabbits, would all be used to fight. And as their hands tightened around their weapons they continued to stare out boldly towards the shore, a small flicker of fear lit in their eyes. And as much as they tried, they could not hide it.

All except one. Unlike everyone else she was not as desperate as them, she had been pulled on this ship as if she could be their back up plan. A bothersome story that she would rather not go back and react. Disgracefully being relieved of her clothing, the shame of them seeing her naked before they forced her into the dirty rags, that she heard used to be the ownership of man that had passed away not too long ago, and her wrists tied, she couldn't forgive them easily.

Underneath some random, dead man's clothing, was a slender woman with eyes the color of lavender and crimson tresses that had been shoved forcefully into a wool hat on top of her head. Her legs shook with the strain of standing up since there had been no room to sit, her wrists bound by rope in front of her thighs so tightly that she feared she may have had bruises. She looked around to see them all gathered around her like a group of dumb chickens before the oncoming slaughter. Unlike them, she was not ready for death. But they were giving her little choice.

The ship was an easy target to see from the coastline, the carrier ship even letting out a long, sighing, creak as it pressed into the water. But it mattered not, because there was one particular person who already foreseen that the ship was going to be coming, even before the woman had heard it's sorrowful cry from the comfort of her soft, bed. A woman stood along the pure white sand of the beach, her feet bare but unlike the men on the ship, her small feet were clean and finely manicured. Her toes flexed in the sand, the cold sand that the chilled ocean, water had left impression on caused her bright, pink lips to lift up into a smile.

Her pale skin, brought out more by the darkness of her purple eyes, made her seem like she was indeed the ice heiress that often many people called her. The woman tilted her head up to get a good view of the ship, the wild, red mane of hair that fell down around her shoulders being tugged violently by the wind that continually brought the ship closer to her precious shore. Her eyes narrowed, the droopy violet slits staring out at the ship as if a small fly had come to bother her. The silks she was adorned in flapped in the air in a gentle motion of cloth that caressed her skin with each flap, made her seem like a powerful goddess and as if to complete her image, she raised her hand, palm up, in a cupping motion.

"Kill them. Except the girl. You bring her to me. And be careful, she is probably dressed like a man." Her voice was deep with command, a power behind her voice that seemed to call for obedience.

Mere moments after her command, near the small carrier ship, the water began to ripple gently and a slick moldy-green, blue fin brushed the top of the water with a quick brush and a elegant twist before disappearing underneath the cold blanket of the ocean water. Pale webbed hands slowly lifted out and smoothly bent back until it re-submerged itself in the water once more.

A ghostly, hackled laugh came up from the depths of the ocean floor and shot upwards, striking upwards and breaking the water until it echoed over the top of the ocean. The single voice was then joined by the loud, hackling cries of several more, sending the wooden haul of the ship to shivering as if fearing for its own wooden hide. All the men jumped at the laughs or what they would call it, cries, before pressing against each other's back desperately so they could feel the skin of another human, a very mortal need of comforting that they had never abandoned unlike everything else they had, to get here. No. They no longer wanted their own personal space.

"Hey! There beh' somethin' in teh' water! Get the Captin! Ge-" The man's voice suddenly was cut off in a sudden huff of breath and a jerk then being followed by a splash of water.

The haunting silence that had several of the men swallowing non-existent saliva to moisten their dry throats. Panic began to go through the men like a wave, their eyes frantically looking around them, for the sudden sound of fins splashing around the ship made them suddenly aware that they were no longer alone. A man dressed in equally raggedy clothing as any other poorly dressed man on the ship, dared to go towards the railing, placing his hands against the rooting wood so that it may bare his weight, bent over to take a look. Immediately his eyes met up with a pair of eyes as black and as unpitying as a sharks. The eyes stared back up at him as if in curiosity, the black orbs belonging to a smooth, pale face, with blue, smooth lips and long black hair that fell along smooth shoulders and breasts. A woman.

The man was surprised but could not bring himself to pull his eyes away from her. Then her chilled, blue lips parted and she began to sing a soft melody, the haunting tones chilling him to the bones but merely bringing the man closer as if he could not help but be lured in by the beautiful melody. As he tilted himself further forward so he may get closer, she slowly rose her arms and wrapped them around his neck gently, staring up at him endearingly before with a yank they fell beneath the blanket of the ocean water. Beneath the water, the reflection of how the woman truly looked was revealed. A powerful fin that was the color of mold, the blue-green scales glinting from the reflection of the sunlight sending arrays of blue hues and emeralds, forced them both deeper under the water. Blue veins traveled from its temples and towards its black eyes, each one pulsating as if there was an uncontrollable pressure was pounding at the creature's brain. The silky black hair that had once looked to be soft to the touch were sharp tentacles that wrapped around the man's waist, arms, throat, even over his eyes and squeezed as he screamed. And still as they went down further into the depths of its home, its arms remained gently wrapped around him, it continuing to look at him endearingly.

As more people began to vanish from the ship, the more people began to investigate, only to be brought down beneath the icy surface of the water.

Silesia could see that the number of wardens to her prison were decreasing by every moment. At least it wouldn't be as hard to escape as she had previously thought. With the new found space that many of the men that 'were never to be seen again' provided, she had a better perspective of the ship. Her dark irises quickly flicked from side to side, the twisting of her wrists she had frequented when she had first been brought on the ship, ceased, knowing well that she was doing nothing but placing bruises on her vulnerable wrists.

As disturbing as it was for her to hear the sound of thrashing feet, kicking at something tugging people under the water, she feared her only decision she had was to brave the sea if she wanted to escape. She wasn't the best swimmer and she wasn't sure she could win against whatever was out there. From what she could hear, she had a feeling it was either a Sea witch, Mermaid, or Siren. Whichever, she was sure they could drown her weak hide easily. Her lips pursed as she ceased her train of thought and centered on what was most important at the moment, untying herself or rather getting someone to untie her.

As if answering her, the Captain of the dingy ship that she had often prayed would not sink, came out with the sudden slamming of a door. He was dressed in what would appear his best attire, but from her vision he was only wearing the only pair of black boots that did not have a hole, the color of the shoes fading into a brown-grey and reeking of the scent of fish. His 'white' flannel shirt was the color of clouds before a bad storm, which she was sure it originally had been white once. The washed-out breeches were no better and yet somehow it seemed to fit his wardrobe, no, rather completed it. What DID stick out though was the silver-encrusted gun strapped to his waist, that reflect the glint of the sun and flashed in her eyes for a moment, causing her to blink her eyes and look away.

Not to insult his intelligence, though he had already done that to himself when he had took them across the sea to be slaughtered, but she had been watching him for several days now and could tell that he was not the most intelligent man. The only thing he knew was the sea. He knew what was needed to survive the ocean, how to haggle men at islands for supplies for his ship, gather and inspire his crew, but she was sure he could very well handle situations like this on his own very well.

Especially considering most of the men that had been aboard the ship were now at the bottom of the ocean. She licked her dried lips, tasting the salty flavor of the ocean. Silesia watched as the Captain whirled his head from side to side, his beast-like mane of brown hair flying around him, the small braids on either side of his cheeks that were colored by several beads, brushing his chin as he looked around.

Hearing the hackling laugh, Silesia and the Captain shivered in union before the man frowned.

"It on'y be a witch' that can' sen' these beasts upon us'. Don't go near the railin'!" He barked to the only other survivor then herself that had began to get a tad too close to the railing.

The first mate. He was a large man, that was heavy with muscles that intimidated people from the bulk but from her observations, she could tell he was much more gentle than he let on. He had those gentle, blue eyes that said he would be kind to a wife that would ever marry a man with his kind of face and someone that would not mind to bring people into his care. He had often looked at her in pity but made no movement to help her, she was sure, in fear of angering his Captain.

"I was just trying to see if the beasts were still out there, Captin'. The ship is near touching the shoe of the shore, we need to turn arou-"

The first mate's voice got cut off as the ship suddenly jerked forward, sending Silesia forward and falling onto her hands so she could touch the damp, wood of the deck. She caught herself on her knees, near avoiding smashing her nose against the floor before perking her head up in question.

She heaved at every step she took, her chest constricting tightly as she continued her mad dash. She only wished that she was running towards somewhere safe instead of another danger. At the moment, she could not easily decipher which was the lesser of the two evils but at times such as these, risks needed to be taken. As she pushed her body to go further, her feet sinking into the cold sand beneath her toes while the water lapped at her ankles, her legs began to cave in. Her knees buckled, her thighs trembling from the exert of energy she was using. She'd never ran so fast in her life.