A packet of three letters arrived and Scott cherished them. He knew that they were from his beloved wife, Gladys. He thought of his loved one, as if the letters poured all his memories of her into him. Gladys, that beautiful woman with her big, brown eyes and wavy hair. Most likely in a loose bun. Scott remembered the first time meeting this stunning lady at a ball, her thin body moved with the beat of the music. To Scott, Gladys was the most important woman of all time, although she was very poor and just a maid. It didn't really matter what her job was, Scott still loved her for who she really was.

Gladys was waiting eagerly for the postman to come, she sat on the chair staring out the window. It had been weeks since she had sent her letters to her darling Scott. Her mind was circled with questions, "Had Scott received the letters? Was he even still alive"? She paced around the room very agitated, shaking at the thought of never seeing her husband again.

Her new born baby cried. The one person who she loved, and knew was still alive. She picked up the baby and bopped up and down to calm her. Would Peggy the baby, ever see her handsome father?

Scott read the letters. They mentioned the recently new born baby and news on how her only sister had just died. Having some spare time, Scott decided to write a letter back.


My Dearest,

What a delightful relief, after days of waiting, 3 beautiful letters from my own sweet heart arrived on Saturday. With joy in every fibre, I fingered the precious bundle. When I opened my first letter the first thing I saw was the picture of our new born baby. I hope she becomes just like you. Funny, charming and slightly odd. I can see she has your eyes. A particular emotion arose inside of me, to realise that the baby was my very own. At first glimpse of something that actually belongs to me through the dearest medium on earth, my loving wife.

I would love to see you holding our child, but to some extent it is still an imaginary being, but you my love are very real.

I would gladly move heaven and earth to see you again. My heart longs for you.

Your darling husband Scott.

Scott wrapped up the letters and put them into a envelope. Wondering how Gladys would be coping, looking after little Peggy all on her own, when everything is over Scott will go back to Australia, that is if he makes it back alive.

The moon lit the rugged terrain ahead, lighting up the faces of the wailing people who had been injured in the trenches. He looked out on the land, only seeing that the soil was bleeding. Would he ever see his little baby girl?

Gladys sat down on the old rocking chair feeding Peggy. Some where deep down inside she knew that Scott was still alive. Although she could not see him, she could sense it and she knew that taking care of Peggy all on her own would be hard, but Scott was going to come back. She just had to believe and wait for his return.