I watched the woman struggle awake and frantically glance around. I was well hidden in the shadows and when she started to get up I spoke to her.

"Non alzarsi. Hai perso troppo sangue."

She whipped her head around and shrank back from my eyes, which naturally glow in the dark. "Wh-what are you? Are you one of those bloodsuckers?! I thought they had been wiped out!"

Ah. She spoke English. "Do not stand. Your neck is not healed. The question is, what are you? No human's blood burns that hot."

"Stay away from me. I know how to kill your kind!" She stood up, despite my warning, and she stumbled to the side before grasping the table and sitting back on it.

"Then let me propose a truce. Since you are not edible, and I am too weak from hunger to stomach my way past your acidic blood, I will not come near you and you will stay as far as possible from myself."

She glared in my direction. "Where's my ship?"

"You mean that junk heap that must have washed ashore in tiny bits?"


"It's probably on shore in tiny bits."

She made another attempt to stand, and to my surprise, succeeded.

"I wouldn't go out there. The sun is much to powerful."

"Maybe for you," she muttered as she stalked outside into the late afternoon sun. Shockingly, she didn't erupt into flames. Even as a human, I knew when the sun was much too hot And this was beyond that.

I waited for several hours, until the sun had sunken below the horizon, until I dared venture out into this new world. The moon was large and swollen and low in the sky, shedding enough light to filter through the mist that had risen from the ground. At least that hadn't changed.

I heard her cries first. I flew down the beach and stopped a few metres from the large bonfire she had constructed over the wreckage. She had a small pile of things set aside, and from the smell of it, it was human food and packets of blood.

"Why did you pull out the blood?"

"What? And let you try to feed on me again?" She snorted and threw me several of the packets. She had a good arm, I had to admit. She managed to fling the blood pouches all the way to me. I sniffed the outer shell holding the blood and deduced it was some sort of plastic. I tried to bite into it, but the plastic flexed against my fangs and didn't break.

"What the hell?"

She sighed and in the darkness I saw her eyes roll. She stood and wiped her face of the tears before making her way to me. She held out her hand for the pouch and I set it in her outstretched palm, careful not to touch her skin. She turned it around and pointed at the two small points, just far enough apart for my fangs to fit. "Just in case one of us happened to run into one of you."

She handed the pouch back and I looked at her. She nodded and watched as I tore into the pouch and practically inhaled it and the seven others that she had thrown to me. I felt my hair suck back into my scalp and I could tell the blood was working because my sight returned to normal. I glanced back up at her and she shrank back.

"We had a deal. I don't attack you and you stay away. Shoo." I returned to the eight pouch and did my best to sip it. She sat back down by the fire.

"My name's Anna. Anna Thompson."

"Steven Reyelitzey."

"Like the wine?"

I spat some blood out accidentally. "They still have my family's wine around?"

"Huh. Yeah. I managed to salvage a vintage bottle from the wreckage."

"What's the date?"

She stood up and went over to the pile of stuff and finally straightened out with a large glass bottle. She came over and set it beside her on it's side before rolling it to me. I picked it up and read the fancy label.


"Where have you been?"

"Asleep since the end of Hitler's reign."

Her eyes bugged out and she sputtered. "That was over three hundred years ago!"

"What year is it?"


"Yeah. I've been out for a while."

"Well, want to open it?"

"I don't drink. Can't."

"I've known Vampires who drank wine. It didn't harm them."

"I'm a very old vampire. Not one of my descendants."

"Ah. Right."

"But tell you what. I've got wine from 1706 buried in my cellar with me. Want one of those?"

"Wow. Real vintage."

"Real Reyelitzey." I stood and dashed to the cellar and grabbed one of my bottles and then dashed back. I saw the green from my eyes reflect out onto the sands. Ana gasped and stood up.

"Your eyes are so cool!"

"They are vampire eyes."

"No. Vampire eyes are black and red."

"Only when feeding. I'm sure mine were black and smoky red when I was feeding." I motioned to the empty blood sacks and shrugged.

"Yeah, but the vampires we have never have different colored eyes. Even when they weren't feeding their eyes would be red and black."

"Huh. Evolutionary trait I'd wager."

"Maybe so. Give me that damn bottle. I've never had such an old wine. Do you have any clue how much this single bottle would fetch on the Marketsquare?"

"The what?"

"The market."

I looked at her. "No. How much?"

"A good couple million."


"Yeah.. Wow. Anyway, how did you become, you know?"

"A vampire?"

"Yeah. How?"

"Long story."

"And you're not going to tell me, are you?"

I looked at her. "No."