"Is a question of strength,
of unshed tears,
of being trampled under,
and always, always,
remembering you are human."

(Jimmy Santiago Baca)

With nothing left to loose, I peered off over the cliff, feeling a swell of exhilaration and adrenaline. I smiled, for the first time in longer than I remember, and took a step closer to the edge. Closing my eyes and flinging my arms over my head, I took a step closer.

"Hey!" A male voice screamed, making my eyes pop open. Glancing over my shoulder, I saw a few shapes running towards me. Shaking my head at their foolishness, I looked back out to the sea and flung myself over the side, towards the rocks below. It wasn't a long fall before my head connected with the slick rocks. I welcomed the darkness with warmth.

The ambulance finally came, but it took a while to get her body from the rocks. My friends and I sat in silence, watching what they were doing. We tried to get to her in time, I even screamed for her to stop, but we were too late. Why would she jump?

We sat in silence, deep in thought. What if I had used my speed…?

No. The same thoughts as before she jumped came back. I couldn't have let the others see that. It was better for someone to die than for me to put my pack in danger. But why was I beating myself up so much? I had single handedly killed many people in my past. Why was she any different-

"We got a pulse!" I glanced over to the body I thought seconds ago to be lifeless. Yet her icy, silver-blue orbs were glaring at me with so much venom, I shuddered.