"We've known each other forever, haven't we?" a gorgeous prince bellowed a laugh, with a fairy beside him in his compact silver Honda Accord.

"Practically! As long as when the cockroaches existed!" Trinity tinkled, after they had just joked about if Halloween characters came to life and wrecked havoc to the world.

A towering dark mansion soon came into view behind the mountain they were nearing to. Blackness cowered among the torrents of the castle-like home, as if sucking the light from it like a bat…which a few were actually seen. Through the gateway of the mansion, the silver car patiently passed through the tormented trees that stretched out, screaming in pain and yet standing their ground. A cry…whether witch or raven…echoed every so often through the whistling air.

"So Melissa's family owns a mansion…great," Trinity rolled her eyes sarcastically.

"Hey! You know what? You're ruining my fun!" Edward whined, which, with a deep voice, was really cute. "It may as well be our only chance to see how high-class people live, so we might as well enjoy it! And if we can't, we'll travel around, sneak into Melissa's room and place some dead bodies. What'dya think?" He bounced while his icy eyes twinkled, his car narrowing missing something that did just look like a dead body of some sort.

As he pulled into the parking lot, he noticed many people leaving and some yellow caution tape marking the area. The couple got out of the car and made their way to where the commotion was. Right before they had reached, they caught a glimpse of two stretchers with teenager bodies on it, covered with linen that was severely stained with dark hue of blood.

"What's going on?" Edward raged, looking for answers or at least people they would know, whom they found all too soon.

"Edward!" Melissa ran out shrieking, basically tackling Edward in a tight hug with tears streaming down, her mascara smeared. "It's horrible! Alice…Alice and her boyfriend…they…we searched…bodies…bodies in closet and…Alice's arm…Scott's lips…off."

Trinity's light brown hands flew to her mouth while Edward looked to the wrapped bodies in disgust.

"Who?" Trinity crooked, forgetting that Melissa was an enemy of hers and Melissa the same.

"I-I don't kn-know. But there's a sadistic murderer somewhere hidden in that huge house!" she shrieked, barely away from going into a compulsive attack.

Trinity and Edward exchanged glances. "Alice and Scott…dead?" Trinity whispered in a daze, while Edward grabbed her shoulders, shaking her out of it.

"Trin, let's go. I'm sure they don't have the whole freakin' place walled off. Let's try finding a way in. C'mon." Grabbing her hand, he led her out of the crowd and beneath the shadow west of the house. She must have still been under in daze because as soon as they leaned against the ice-cold stone wall, Trinity snapped.

"You're crazy! Edward, there's a killer in that mansion. What's the need to go in there for?" she seethed, her eyes glancing about nervously spying for any police who would just happen to turn their way.

"Hey," he turned, facing her against the wall, placing both hands on her shoulder and staring into her eyes –like a storm meeting the sun. "Look, I happen to know those police. (Don't ask me any questions!) And they misuse their authority, 'K? I would bet you anything that if there was a murderer, the police are helping him.

"I'm not sure if there is a murderer or not, but I know we're upset about what happened. I want to know who did this and why he's hacking off our friends. I just wouldn't…I don't know…" he sighed in desperation, his head peering down almost to her chest. "But I do know we'll be safe. I actually came to this house before when the last person owned it and it was an attraction. There's a bunch of secret rooms and trapdoors and such built into the house so I bet they're still there. And Trin?" he spoke softly to the girl who was now ignoring his glance, partially because he couldn't met him eye-to-eye for that long of a period without blushing.

"Yeah?" she looked up. Edward neared his head forward towards Trinity's so that their faces were six inches apart, their bodies already losing their physical boundaries and meshing with the other's.

"I care about you. You know that. And I'm not gonna let anything happen to you. If something did…well, let's say I would, at the least, never forgive myself. I swear, I. Will. Protect. You," he gave out his childish grin.

"Edward…" Trinity breathed out, wanting to desperately kiss those lips that had spoken so sweetly to her just now, or at least hug his 6-pac lenient body. Smiling brightly, he pulled back. "Come on! Let's go get us some murderers!" he joked.