A/N: So my friend Zach wanted to be in this story...and die triumphtly...HA. If you're gonna comment something relating to BLUE BALLS...yeah, it may not sound right, but I just had to place it there as it is one of our inside jokes...(can't help cracking over it!)

"You see anything?" Trinity whispered, staying close to Edward while searching through a wardrobe for clues…or bodies. They were in an ancient bedroom with glass tiles and Walnut wooden posts, drawers, tables, and doors. On the table, many fancy little trinkets aligned the end of it, though cobwebs hung from side to side throughout the whole room. Their only source of lighting was the one plastered window, relishing in the sunset.

She suddenly heard many glass objects crash along with Edward cussing behind her.

"I swear I just saw someone staring into the mirror right by me and suddenly that whole shelf by it just unscrewed itself and fell on me!" Edward raged, sucking the blood on his wrist which was marked by a nasty gash. Trinity's heart froze.

"What'd he look like?" her lip wobbled in fear. Edward could only shake his head.

"I don't know. It's like he was wearing all black or something, but his eyes…they were golden…like light but there was blood or something…I just don't know! You know what? This whole thing is stupid. The police can handle this; I'm calling them over," the young man moaned, reaching out for his phone but Trinity gripped his arm down.

"We're looking. We're in this together and we're not going to let Officer Hibbs start wrecking the place and destroying evidence. Just a little bit longer?" she smiled past her fears, forcing Edward to give in.

Heading towards the next room, Trinity and Edward watched the medieval light posts flicker on and off randomly.

"Where are we going?" Trin quivered, glancing nervously about for any sign of other life…or death.

"The ballroom. It's really beautiful and exotic. But it's one of the most hidden places in here. I have a feeling the murderer's doing something with it as it's the biggest room in the house," he spoke through he shut mouth as to not let anyone besides her hear. She nodded before they realized music was playing. Debussy's First Arabesque echoed throughout the blood red hallway.

"What the…!" they screamed, racing towards the secret door Edward knew about hidden in a stone wall. Clair de Lune suddenly boomed out from the other side of the wall as the couple tried opening the hatchet to open the door.

"HELP! HEL….AHH!" a scream of a young male came from Edward and Trinity's opposing side as they frantically tried to open the door.

"THAT'S ZACH! Trinity screamed, pounding on the door. Glaring at the female, Edward slowly stepped back with crossed arms. "Why's he even here? Isn't he smart enough to not come here when there's a freak present?" Edward's eyes flashed furiously. He knew Zach as their classmate most likely to become Valedictorian and had already been accepted to Oxford as a junior. Edward also knew him as being Trinity's crush…supposedly. The young men shared a brutal history.

"Edward, we have to save him! We can't let him die! Edward, don't leave me!" Trinity whimpered, watching Edward walk away. The young man put his hands in his pockets and hastily sped out on her.

"'Gotta go, Trin. If that's what you choose, I'm sure Zach's smart enough to save you," he spat coldly, brushing past the fact that just on the other side of the stone wall, a murderer lurked, killing off yet another student before he would make his way onto Trinity.

With Edward gone, Trinity wept, listening to Zach's furious cries of great pain as she heard him being thrown about like a rag doll. Her ear was placed against the icy rough wall, listening to what was happening on the other side of her dimension.

'He's gonna die…' she thought, knowing nothing could be done to save him as Edward had walked off with his knowledge of the mansion's secrets.

A minute or too passed, and the sounds had stalled. Trinity pressed her ear more eagerly to hear of what was done with her friend. The muffled sound of a heavy door was slammed into place, which could had only resulted in the murderer leaving, as a groan was still heard up against the wall Trinity stood before. 'Maybe…he's all right. Oh! Why won't the damn door open?' her mind screamed out. Three notches were placed on a granite stone in the wall, but she couldn't figure if a key was needed or if she could pry it open with her own hands. Gaining all the energy left in her after the heavy crying, she shoved and pulled in any way possible to open the secret door.

"It won't work. Here," a soft voice replied. Trinity immediately swung to find a shaken Edward looking down beside her. He was holding out an antique candelabrum. "May I? It's the only way to save him," he whispered in a voice unlike his own. No other options available, Trinity stepped back letting Edward in, narrowly looking at his actions in confusion.

He fitted the three columns of the candle holder into the notches, which locked in and clicked. With a turn, the stone started rotating, forming a handle onto the hidden door. Edward swiftly grabbed on to it, opening the entry that was big enough for two small people.

"C'mon." He led Trinity in through the dark passage, grabbing her little hand midway heading towards the stray of light twenty feet away. The dripping of water was heard as it trickled down the steps the couple was climbing.

"Zach? Zach, where are you?" Trinity stuttered out, as they entered into the ballroom. The stretched-out walls were of a blood red and golden color, brilliantly illuminating the colossal dance floor. Above, a delicate glass chandelier rose mightily, heralding the hold between the great drawn beasts surrounding it on the dome it beheld.

Edward meanwhile was tiptoeing around, nervously glancing between places, spying for the murderer, grotesque evidence, weapons, or Zach. Through all the stress of running from Trin to running back to her, his prince costume became untucked and severed like a very much loved child's toy. Back from when they had first came to the mansion, Edward had lost his silver crown when Melissa had jumped on him, and now he unclasped the first three buttons on his puffy white shirt. His blond hair shook messily around when Trinity called him.

"Why did you come back?" she asked hesitantly. Edward stood frozen in a stiff position with his head down looking behind doors, not wanting to see Trinity's distressing look.

"Even Death shouldn't have him. I don't know…it's just right," He shrugged. Trinity nodded in agreement and looked down, suddenly interested in her cerulean short fairy skirt as Edward walked towards her. "And I'm sorry I left you," he smiled apologetically down at her, he being five inches taller.

Trinity had to return the smile but soon dropped it.

"We need to find him," she numbly spoke. With Edward's nod as approval, Trinity silently took off her heels and white tights off to relieve her itchy legs.

"What?" she asked when Edward looked at her with disbelieving eyes. "Heels are dumb and tights are so last year! If we're going to capture the killer, we might as well do it or die comfortably," she shrugged, arguing her point.

But Edward wasn't looking at her; he looked straight past her, towards the only window that wasn't shaded yet. Seeing his pale face, Trinity slow turned around, facing Zach's favorite collared shirt hanged onto the windowsill, stained with thick dark blood that could hardly make it noticeable. Oozing down the wall, the blood had large hairy spiders trapped on the floor. A faint spell was cast over the girl, falling to her knees as her prince rushed from behind her, immediately wiping off the blood from the floor with his golden cape that he thought was too girly for him.

"Don't look at it. Here, I'll clean up here and save the evidence while you go throw this away. 'K, sweetheart?" he asked distraught, neither of them realizing what he'd just slipped out. Trinity fervently nodded, keeping her head up and holding the cape down and far from her as she ran out of the ballroom, and straight into the kitchen.

The kitchen was of a small size, meaning it was probably the servants' den. Bells rang randomly as she walked passed the sink, seeing the trash can as one of those that someone pulls out from the cabinet. She tightly shut her eyes before pulling the trashcan out and shoved the bloodied cape in. When she softly uncovered her hazel eyes, a blood-curling scream escaped her lips and echoed throughout the whole mansion. Staring before her in the trashcan was Zach's head, wallowed in the same thick blood, his eyes pierced and chopped with an oily residue leaking out, making his pale blue-balled eyes unrecognizable. His usual dirty blond hair was matted with blood along with black slimy leeches creeping inside the hallow of his mouth.

"Trinity!" she heard her name being called out as Edward sped in to see what happened; he didn't have to look twice to see. "That…is sick," he disgruntled, hugging Trinity away from the sight and onto his chest. Trinity just fell haplessly into his arms while he dragged her out of the room and towards a new room on the upper lever.

"Why aren't we going back—" Trinity mumbled out groggily, but was interrupted.

"I found Melissa's body there right before you screamed. She was bald," Edward muttered in a daze. "And I tried calling the police now but the service is down along with the landline and all the doors are lock, windows bolted," he sighed as the girl looked at him with horror.

Antique figures appeared before them as the happened upon a small room. Unbeknownst, this room also opened up to the circular balcony of the dome.

As soon as he gently placed her onto the rectangular red bed, Edward found out too late that the 'redness' was given off by the bloodied white linen. He found out too late that this was a trap, and soon lavender smoke was pumped out from all sides of the room, hitting the friends with a full blast of anesthetic. They collapsed onto the red bed, which was actually a surgical table.